3 Techie Home Lighting Tricks

Home Lighting

Transform your home with the latest lighting technology

When it comes to home improvements many of us overlook the power of home lighting in favor of far more expensive or invasive measures. You may well find that you can totally alter the look and feel of your property quickly, easily. So, let’s take a look at a few lighting tricks that could give your home a brand new lease of life.

Natural daylight for

When it comes to lighting your home, nothing beats good old-fashioned natural sunlight. Increasing the amount of natural sunlight your home receives is not always possible, whether due to spatial constraints, the position of your home, or even a lack of external walls.

However, those of you lucky enough to have a flat roof can install an opening hinged rooflight on the roof! Not only will this flood your living space with natural sunlight, but you can also fill the room with fresh air at the touch of a button by opening up the rooflight! Just make sure to close it when it rains.

Light up the mundane with LED lights

With good lighting, any part of your home can become a feature. Lighting does not have to be just about practicality, and with the right approach, you can accent your home to become both brighter and more stylish at the same time.

For example, why not light up your stairway by adding LED lights or strip lighting to your banister or handrail. This will achieve the double whammy of illuminating an often poorly lit part of the home while simultaneously adding an extra layer of class to your interior design.

Low level lighting

Getting creative with your home lighting scheme doesn’t have to be about making big changes. While having a number of ceiling lights and fixtures high up on your walls may indeed be important for practicality and decoration, including lights lower down could help give your home a whole new feel. From adding colour LEDs to bathroom floors to insetting subtle spots in your skirting boards, there will be many ways to add low level lighting that will make your home both more welcoming and potentially safer too.