3 Ways You Can Use PDF Documents to Streamline Productivity


More and more businesses are trying to go green. One simple way to do that is going paperless and using electronic files, like PDFs, more often.

Some people love the sleek appearance of PDF files and appreciate that there are so many ways to customize their appearance. Not only are they easy to make, but they are fun to view! 

Are you trying to figure out if PDF files are appropriate for your employees to use on a regular basis?

Keep reading to learn 3 ways you can use PDF files in your office setting.

1. Convert PDF Files

In a working environment, you may be sending PDF files back and forth fairly consistently. If you come across a PDF that needs edits, it can seem like a big headache.

Previously, you would have had to retype all of the content in a new document or print it out to edit it physically. Now, you can convert your PDF to Microsoft Word (or other text editors) to make this easier!

This helps to make your office more productive because it is a fast and easy way to edit the commonly used PDFs.

2. Merge PDF Files Together

This is a trick that you can use with PDFs that may seem a little bit more unnecessary, but it can be surprisingly useful in an office setting. 

Whether you want to add to what you already have or you find out that a coworker has information that you want to include on a report, merging PDFs together is the way to go! You can represent multiple ideas or files in one aesthetically appealing way. 

Do you need to add charts to your presentation? Did you forget to include an important Microsoft Excel document in a packet you need to hand out? Merging PDFs is the answer. 

3. Create an Image With PDFs

PDFs are a great way to create a cohesive document that can include text and images. However, you may have had issues in the past with PDFs working the way you need them to in certain roles, such as web development, because they are difficult to download without specified plugins. 

Because your mobile devices don’t have those plugins, you won’t be able to open PDFs as easily on your phone or tablet. This can create problems in a business where so many people use their mobile devices instead of laptops for general tasks. 

Instead of sending them as general PDFs, send them as images instead! 

Some websites, like pdf .net, make it easy to create, download, and edit PDFs online. This is a workaround for people that want to open their PDFs and turn them into images with ease for everyone to access. 

Use PDF Files in Your Office for Productivity

Now that you know a few reasons why PDF documents can enhance the productivity levels in an office, it’s time for you to give them a try.

Talk to your employees about these benefits and try to encourage PDF use in your office today.

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