5 Important Solar Panel Maintenance Tips

Solar Panel maintainance

You knew getting ca solar panels for your home was the right decision. You had them installed and enjoy free energy from Mother Nature. If you want constant and efficient energy for years, then solar panel maintenance is important.

Solar panel systems are sensitive and can degrade over time. You want them to last many years and pay for themselves through energy savings. We created this guide to help you understand what needs to be done for years of reliable energy.

Don’t let your home lose efficiency or replace your solar panels before you’re ready. Follow these tips and let the sun shine in.

1. Solar Panel Maintenance Begins with Inspection

You probably don’t look at your roof too often. It takes a beating from Mother Nature with storms, high winds, and snow. Your solar panels are there and can be damaged or become covered by debris and other particles.

This leads to loss of efficiency or broken panels. It’s a good idea to look at your roof after big storms and occasionally throughout the year. Finding a problem early can save you money.

2. Solar Energy Needs Sunlight

It may be years since you’ve installed the solar panels and nearby trees grew larger and fuller. Your panels need lots of sunlight to be effective. If trees are large enough to block the sunlight from the panels, then you’re losing efficiency.

Periodically check the trees and if they are overgrown and trim them if needed.

3. Clean Your Solar Panels

After solar panel installation, they’re clean and pristine. Over the years, dust and debris accumulates and you need to clean them. The components are sensitive, so use a leaf blower, non-abrasive broom, or sponge to clean them off.

This lessens wear and tear and gives you the best energy efficiency possible. Be careful when cleaning not only because of the solar panels but also to keep yourself safe as well.

4. Keep Bolts Tight on Solar Panels

Installers secure the panels to your roof using bolts, nuts, and joints. Over time, these components loosen and must be tightened. Exposure to high winds can lead to the screws being stripped or slowly unscrew.

You should also keep an eye on disconnected wiring, etc. as these can lead to lower efficiencies and be a possible fire hazard. If you see anything concerning about the equipment, then call a licensed installer to look and fix the problem. It’s possible they are still under warranty.

5. Check Energy Usage

Along with the solar panels, install an energy monitor to keep track of how much energy the system creates. If you notice the amount slowly decreasing, then there might be a problem. There may be dead panels not producing electricity or other problems.

You can estimate your savings and if it’s not as good as it once was, then there is likely a problem.

Solar Panels Last Many Years

Solar companies want you satisfied with their product, but you must do your part including regular solar panel maintenance. Solar energy is free and in infinite supply, so take advantage of it.