5 Tips for photographers:How to Make Money to Promote their Work


This is something that all lovers of this sector have asked ourselves at some point in our career, either at the beginning of it or after a while, when you have realized that you want your hobby to become your way of life.

Before you start with the article we would like to say that, as in all sectors, there is no secret that will make you earn money with photography today for tomorrow, but we do want to show you the most practical and simple ways to do it, without having to be a reputable professional or have years of experience.

Also keep in mind that if the type of photography you want to do is not on this list, it does not mean that it is not profitable, far from it. Here I have prepared a list of the most profitable sectors, or in which you can earn money with photography faster than in the others.

1. Stock Photo Sale

For those who do not know this system, the photographic stock consists of using the platforms dedicated to it to make your photographs available to others so that they can buy them for a very low price.

Said like this it may seem like a waste of time to try, and it is if it is not done properly, since you can earn very little money after a lot of work, and that is not what you are looking for here.

Sell your work with ElephantStock is ideal if you don’t have potential customers to make money from each month. You can start making money from this while, on the other hand, you start to expand your brand and get other jobs.

Pros: It is a very good way to earn money with photography in automatic mode. Taking photos with the aim of selling them is not only used to earn money, but to learn new techniques and effects.

2. Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is the social event par excellence in photography and it can be said without hesitation that it is the most profitable sector of all that you can explore.

Making money with wedding photography is not easy, there is a great offer, you will find people who offer their services for very low prices and that is something against which it is difficult to fight if you are looking to take photos in a fair way.

Offer yourself to professional photographers as a second camera at events to get practice and see how it works from the inside. In addition, this way you will also get your own teaching material.

Pros: It is undoubtedly the most profitable sector in photography. With a good portfolio you will have the possibility of working with event organization agencies, so you will never be short of work.

3. Baby Photography

For a photographer, babies are cute, adorable, fun, and although it is ugly to say, very profitable. The birth of a baby is a unique event in the life of her parents, and they will want to have memories of each special moment in the life of her offspring.

That’s when you enter the scene, baby photographer who is going to make these little ones look more adorable and friendly than ever, and if you manage to get to the heart with your scenes, the parents will pay what you ask them as long as they have those photos in all the frames and pictures of their houses.

Pros: Taking pictures of babies is a unique experience; it helps you to see everything in a different way and to be patient in the sessions. If you do a good session and the parents are happy with the result, they will tell their acquaintances and you will easily get more work.

4. Club Photography

If you go out at night and go to the fashionable club in your city, surely you have seen that among the crowd one or more people are walking with a camera asking people to pose for him.

These are the photographers that the club has hired to take photos during the night and that later everyone can search the web or the social networks of the place. It is very important to them because they need people to see the atmosphere and how much they enjoy the party in their club, so they will always want to have graphic material.

It is not a job that is very well paid, nor that it will elevate you as a photographer, but if you go night after night and cover every party well, you can earn a good extra if you sell your work with ElephantStock.

Pros: It is a quick way to earn money, even if they are not very large amounts. You don’t need to invest a lot of money in equipment to get to work and there is a high demand for photographers, so you will always find a place.

5. Become a Google Photographer

The work of these photographers consists of making a report of the premises of each client to later be displayed on their Google My Business file as a virtual visit and for the Street View section.

The good thing about this job is that Google itself trains you and gives you everything you need (accept the equipment, of course), making it accessible to anyone, without having to study photography or have years of experience.

Pros: It is a good way to earn money with photography and does not require prior training, since they will instruct you in everything you need. You will gain experience as a commercial and you will make a small portfolio of clients in case you need it in the future.