A Drone Lover’s Guide to the Best DJI Drones in 2021

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DJI continues to be the leader in new and innovative drone technology, with many different models to choose from depending on your skill level and needs. DJI is one of the top drone brands because they provide drones for selfies, racing, and crop dusting.

Any sort of drone you’re looking for, DJI probably has a model for you. So, what sort of drones can you expect to see in 2021? Read on, and you’ll find a drone lover’s guide to the best DJI drones of 2021!

Photography Drone – DJI Air 2S

The DJI Air 2S is a great photography drone to take with you on your adventures. This drone comes with lens filters that are easy to swap out, and you can grab matching filters that are included in DJI’s Fly More Pack. The Air 2S has top-notch collision and tracking systems, which makes it perfect for filming a walk through your local forest!

You’ll get amazing recording quality with HDR video up to 5K at 30fps. Aspiring filmmakers will want to get their hands on this for the full menu of tools. All of this at up to 150mbps!

Toy Drone – DJI Tello

If you’re looking for a simple, fun drone, then the DJI Tello is the perfect drone for you. It can do a lot of the things its larger relatives, such as hold its position with its downward visual sensors. Its built-in camera can give you a solid 720p video and has really good software stabilization.

The bottom line with this drone, it’s a great playtime drone that even has a version decked out like Marvel’s Iron Man. It comes with a great set of developer tools so you can play like Tony Stark with your drones! The DJI Tello is under DJI’s Ryze brand, and you can find it in DJI’s store.

Racing Drone – DJI FPV

Drone racing is rising in popularity and the DJI FPV is one of the best drones for the sport. It can hit 140kph in two seconds and has amazing forward and downward collision sensors. DJI gave the FPV a great camera, so while primarily a racing drone, photographers might want to have a look as well!

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The Developer’s Drone – DJI Matrice M100

The Matrice M100 is a flexible platform for the developer set, where they can add their own technology to it for whatever purpose they need. People can add things such as infrared cameras for research purposes. The Matrice M100 is great for people with an entrepreneurial spirit and who want to bring their own vision of the perfect drone to life.

The Best DJI Drones for 2021

This DJI drone buying guide is only the tip of the iceberg with DJI’s selection of drones for 2021. You can either find a drone for your needs, or you can create the perfect drone with the Matrice M100 platform. Just grab your favorite drone and go!

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