Best Practices for Pin Designs That Drive Clicks: 5 great advices


Attracting attention is one of the main and basic tasks for everyone who wants to share their materials on a platform like Pinterest. Correct presentation and beautiful packaging of information is also a priority for the site itself, so their marketing strategy requires an appropriate approach. How can you make your Pins bright and clickable to literally “drag” the user to your page? We have collected 5 really useful and important tips. Let’s go!

Combine image and text

     It’s just that the picture attracts much less attention than the picture with the description. In this text, you can also specify keywords, briefly describe your topic and idea, make the user interested and click on you to find out more information. This will increase your readership and are more likely to acquire fans for your online life.

Use attractive fonts

     If you carry a certain message and want it to reach your audience, make it easier to perceive that message. Do not use fancy fonts, make your choice toward readable and clear ones. We strongly recommend using large letters and positioning the text so that it immediately catches the eye. By the way, you can find excellent options on the Master Bundles platform. They have an entire font section with hundreds of interesting and stylish ideas. See for yourself!

Always keep an eye on image quality

     First of all, of course, we are talking about the aesthetics of perception. Looking in the same row at a high-resolution picture and at a picture with defects and poor quality, you will clearly give preference to the first. If we talk about technical issues, then they are even more significant. The site itself prefers to promote and show users higher quality material, therefore, products with a bad image are unlikely to be seen by your potential readers.

Don’t add personalized images

     This means that the face of a particular person is not always a good idea for a cover. Why is that? Obviously. Each person has his own specific taste for appearance, so it is impossible to guess exactly whether the majority will like it or not. Replace personalization with generalization, and let each of your readers be able to refer themselves to this post and compare with their personal vision. Imposing images can only repel and frighten a customer.

​​Choose a right color scheme

     If you think color matching is the last thing on Pinterest, then you’re wrong. The site is straightforwardly focused on visual perception, so colors and shades play an incredibly huge role. Follow the trendy colors, combine them harmoniously and do not make a rainbow or a parrot out of a Pin: try to keep the style modestly and follow the concept. Believe that such a site is visited by people with delicate taste preferences and most will appreciate your efforts.


     Such seemingly little things, but how strongly they affect whether the reader chooses you or not. Without exaggeration. Everything about the visual always becomes the determining factor. Let’s briefly summarize what you should pay attention to:

  • Fonts
  • Picture quality
  • Mix of text and images
  • Lack of personalization
  • Colors

     Only after you are convinced that these 5 points are in order, feel free to create a Pin and enjoy the feedback from grateful users. Good luck!