Best Tips for Choosing the Best Cyber Security Solution


The current digital society is full of threats. Enough that organizations have to seek cyber security solutions. Organizations are forced to put in place a security framework to survive. In addition to data protection, they’re tasked with keeping up with technological innovations.

Taking all that into consideration, organizations have been doing well with their data. This is despite the ongoing information and cyber security issues. 

So what is cyber security? It’s also referred to as computer security. Cyber security is the use of technology, systems, and controls to secure data, and networks. Cyber security solutions are used to prevent unauthorized access to data centers.

A good cyber security strategy protects an organization against malicious attacks. It’s also aimed at preventing attacks meant to disrupt or disable a system’s operations.

The need for cyber security keeps growing by the day. That’s considering the growing number of devices and programs containing sensitive information.

Cybercriminals have not left out operational technology security services either. There have been increased attacks towards ot systems. Cybercriminals have successfully targeted critical infrastructure entities over the recent past. Some of the operational technology systems that have faced cyber threats globally include:

  • Fire control systems
  • Physical access control systems
  • Industrial control systems
  • Building management systems

Policies should be formed to protect industrial networks and their connected operating technology. Cyber security officials ought to create an effective security framework. This will enable protection of ot security devices and systems.

Some companies provide security products for operating technology environments. Knowing the right OT cyber security companies determines the success of your cyber security. To get the right provider, you must ask the right questions depending on your needs.

Choosing the Best Cyber Security Solution

There are many security solutions in the market to choose from. This makes selecting the right cyber security solution a daunting task. Some of the cyber security solutions are:

  • Firewall
  • Cloud backup software
  • Detection software
  • Public key infrastructure
  • Antivirus and antimalware software

To access the best security solution, contact the right computer security service provider. One who will provide you with a powerful cyber security strategy to take care of all areas.

Aside from that, it’s important to be aware of the tips that would enable you to get the best cyber security solution. That is what this article is about so let’s get started.

1. Know Who Has Access to Your Data and Networks

When it comes to data protection, having a good handle on team members’ security habits isn’t enough. You need to be aware of any third parties that have access to your systems.

The problem with this is that third parties may not have the right cyber security standards. Meaning, cybercriminals can get your data through them. Cybercriminals always target third-party vendors like mail services and payment platforms.

To enhance cyber security, know who the third parties are. What they’re likely to have access to and their risk profile.

Knowing who the third parties are, helps you know whether or not there are risks of a third-party breach. This information will also help in selecting the best cyber security solution. One that specializes in third-party and vendor threats management.

2. Consider Your Industry

Choosing a cyber security solution is as good as choosing the right provider. To arrive at the best provider, you need to understand the security needs in your country. What follows is the shortlisting of at least three security providers.

Conduct research about the provider’s integrity and experience in your industry. Also, look into the techniques, technologies, and approaches used in implementing their services. Reading reviews about the provider’s past services from clients is very important. You can also make it a point to visit the provider and ask questions to clear any doubt.

For a good cyber security solution, get a provider with experience in your industry.

3. Prioritize performance

An organization’s choice of a cyber security solution determines its reputation. Hence, avoid falling for the marketing of the latest cyber security solutions.

Make it a point to carry out tests however, don’t make decisions based on a single test. Look at the number of tests entered and the top finishes. By doing that, you get to know which of them consistently rose to the top. This way, you’ll end up with the best cyber security solution that your organization needs.

4.Understand Your Cyber Threats

While cyber threats are broad, security issues experienced by organizations are limited. Thus, you should be clear about the issues that need solving by a cyber security solution.

Cyber security threats fall under three categories. There are internal, external, and partner threats. Research shows that external threats make up to 70% of all data security threats. Internal threats are second at 30% while partner threats come third at 10%.

Get to understand the cyber threats faced by your organization. An organization dealing with internal threats would need a different cyber security solution. This applies to organizations dealing with frequent attacks from cybercriminals. 

5. Know When You’re Getting the Hard sale

Data breaches cause huge losses to organizations by making public confidential information. There are also the financial losses experienced and the loss of clients’ trust. So, ensure that your vendor does not prey on your worst information security fears to make a sale.

A credible cyber security solution acts as a partner to your organization. So, your vendor should be focused on your organization’s security needs and not scare tactics.

A reputable vendor should evaluate your cyber security needs and recommend the best solution.

Final Thoughts

Cyber security is no joke, whether you’re a big organization or a startup. You risk losing so much if you fail to prioritize cyber security. An organization’s digital assets are just as important as physical security. 

Reports show that the average cost of data breaches in organizations is at $3.86 million. This is not the kind of loss you’d want your business to go through. So do your due diligence and get the best cyber security solution. Apart from protecting you and your data, it will have potential clients trusting you more as compared to your competitors.