Flying spiders are real. Here is everything about them

Flying Spiders
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Spiders are scary enough. Now, think about flying spiders. In 2020 a news story broke across North America on sightings of flying spiders. People have seen them and many say that it’s a completely different breed of spider — something they have never seen before. But what is it all about? What exactly are these flying creatures that look like spiders but can fly? 

What is a flying spider and does it actually fly? 

After a closer examination, experts learned that the spiders that many people thought of flying were actually a species termed Larinioides Sclopetarius. Other names for this species of spiders include bridge or grey cross spiders. Talking about their flying capabilities, it’s nothing of that sort. They do not have any wing support that can allow these species of spiders to fly. However, what they do have is the ability to balloon their web which enables them to swing around in the air for long distances with the help of the wind. In order to get that initial thrust, these spiders employ static electricity. Being an orb weaver, Larinioides Sclopetarius spiders are most commonly found on rocky surfaces beside some kind of water body. 

Although not so common in a household, flying spiders are most commonly found during the summer season, majorly in Chicago. One of the early public sightings of these spiders was in the summer of 2012. The spiders sighted on top of many towers, including Hilton. Scientists believe that the spiders pull towards the light which is why they escalate to such heights. Additionally, their meals include moths and other pesticides which are also found on these towering buildings. 

Do flying spiders bite? 

The best part of these spiders is unlike the many species of spiders that can be harmful to us humans, these have been reported to be safe. Since the first known sighting of a flying spider, no complaints of them biting were reported. Studies also say that flying spiders aren’t poisonous. So, if you ever come across a flying spider, let it swing around and find its way. Don’t worry or get scared.