Hire An Android Developer With 10 Easy Steps For Your Project In 2021


You’ve come up with a brilliant concept for the next breakthrough app. You’ve chosen to go for it and make your goal a reality, armed with excitement and determination.

So, now that you’ve chosen to convert your brilliant concept into a stunning app, you’d want to hire android developers to help you achieve your goal.

However, the question is- How do you find the right app developers for your project? How can you tell if the Android developers you are interviewing are really specialists or skilled enough to handle your project? You may not have technical or programming experience, but you still want to employ the best Android app developer you can find.

The competition is fierce, and there are hundreds of Android freelancers out there vying for your attention. However, if you want your project to be great, you’ll need a great mobile app developer. This article will help you hire an android developer with ten easy steps.

1. Portfolio evaluation

It is critical for a developer to have excellent UI/UX abilities. Examine each developer’s portfolio for well-designed applications with excellent user interfaces, as this is the most important aspect of any mobile application.

2. Compare your options prior to hiring

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of possibilities, compare them to one another to determine which one is the best. Pose the following questions to them:

  • Where can I get to see some of the mobile apps you’ve created?
  • Can you list all of the prior firms and clients with whom you have worked?
  • How do you intend to communicate during the development process?
  • How do you intend to manage the development process?

Obtaining and comparing responses to these critical questions will guarantee that you have chosen a qualified and informed developer.

3. Identifying and evaluating the necessary skills

To choose the best mobile app developer, you must first identify one who holds the necessary abilities and then evaluate him or her properly. A developer who is fluent in the common mobile language would be a great addition to the firm. It includes Java and Kotlin with a vital knowledge of Android SDK concepts, decent experience with SQL, knowledge of Git, XML basics, understanding of Material Design guidelines, Android Studio, backend programming skills, etc. Later on, request code samples from the candidate and have them evaluated to ensure their originality and quality.

4. When hiring, don’t think about the price

Never hire Android developers or any developers only on the basis of their pricing quote. Your goal is to create a high-quality product, not a low-cost one. How much does it cost to build an app? Hiring competent Android developers might cost you a lot of money upfront, but the ultimate product will help you make a lot more in the long run. Hiring a low-cost Android developer may save money in the short term, but if the software does not work out as planned, you may end up squandering money later on to have it rebuilt by a more experienced and expensive developer.

5. Design is important

Look for a developer that can create beautifully designed applications and bring value to them with their knowledge and experience. Users of your application will never meet you or the developer, they will come across your app and its design. To them, the app is everything: how helpful it is, if it is well-designed or not, and how valuable it is to them.

6. Check for a thorough understanding of open-source platforms

Because Android is an open-source platform, Android developers have the freedom to create applications that meet the demands of their users, making it necessary for Android developers to have a thorough understanding of these platforms. As a result, one should hire Android freelancers that are knowledgeable about all kinds of libraries.

7. Participate in development communities

You can quickly connect with Android developers who are active in open source development groups, ask questions, and cooperate with them. Because each developer is recognized and rated by their peers, you can be confident that they are genuinely exceptional at what they do and are worth recruiting.

8. Making use of your network

If you’re seeking a capable, professional, and dependable mobile app developer, chances are you’ll discover one among your current network. This will also guarantee that the individual you choose is dependable and trustworthy. Furthermore, because such Android developers would be suggested by individuals you know and trust, you will be able to obtain real customer recommendations for them.

9. Make contact with previous clients

Many factors must be considered before choosing an Android app developer – One of them is making contact with previous clients. We should be able to tell how the developer treated its previous clients by connecting with the previous clients. Also, you can inquire about how they work after receiving the project, such as how responsive they are, how frequently they communicate, and how they deal with problems, among other things.

10. Discuss the post-development tasks and resources

Before turning over the project to an Android developer, you should negotiate the post-development activities, such as app submission, app testing, bug fixing, support & maintenance, and so on.


If you follow these guidelines, you’ll be able to find an app developer that understands your requirements. By looking at their portfolio and ratings, you can determine whether or not an app development firm is right for you. Hiring the appropriate Android developer may save you a lot of time and money; they might also prove to be suitable for your future projects. The recruiting process might be difficult, but if you follow the advice given in this article, you will be able to pick the perfect Android developer much quickly.