How to choose a suitable major/course?

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Choosing a suitable major is extremely important for future study abroad life, so it is important to know how to choose a suitable major or course. This means that you need to consider a lot while choosing a major. So, what should you consider when choosing a major for studying in Australia?

Whether to immigrate

Immigration is one of the factors that students consider when choosing a major for studying abroad. In Australia, if you can obtain a diploma in any of the fields listed in the “Long Term Skill Shortage List”, the immigration department will give you an additional 15 points for your permanent residency application.

These scarce occupations involve fields such as accounting, health sciences, engineering, and trade. Therefore, many international students decide to study accounting in Australia. In addition, those occupations listed on the list of technical occupations will also have extra points.

Although you can refer to the above list to consider professions, there are still risks. First, considering the future based on the current situation is inherently risky. Previously, the IT industry was listed on the list of shortage occupations for skilled immigrants. Recently, due to the oversupply of IT talents in the Australian market, this industry has been removed from the list. Similarly, maybe in two to three years, you will find that accountants will not be on the list.

Secondly, if you have never set foot in this field, in your studies, you may find that you don’t like accounting or you may feel that you are not suitable for this profession. In this case, you will be restricted when you graduate, because you will find that despite having a diploma in accounting, you will also be restricted in finding a job in an industry you are interested in.

Finally, no matter what the reason, you no longer want to immigrate to Australia. In this case, you may choose an unrelated field to study.

Employment opportunities after graduation

There are also quite a number of students who choose employment opportunities as their greatest motivation when choosing a major. Obviously, students do this to get a greater return -they hope to find a high-paying job in Australia or home country as soon as possible.

The first thing you should consider is which career you are more interested in. Secondly, because Australia and other countries like Chine have completely different employment needs and employment prospects for different occupations. So you should understand the employment demand data of different occupations in Australia and your home country to determine the future development direction. If you want more choices, you’d better pay attention to both job markets at the same time.

When considering employment opportunities, you should also consider whether your diploma is unique. When choosing a popular major in Australia, you can choose a unique and novel field that will make you unique.

When you base your choices on current trends, you should be extra cautious. Current employment trends are constantly changing, so when you measure the future by the present, you often take certain risks.

Interest is more important than popularity

When choosing a major, you should also think about what kind of work you will do in the next 30 years. To have a successful career, you must choose what you love and what you are good at. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose what you are interested in and the major that suits you. Remember not to choose a major that you don’t like at all.

Specialists and generalists

Another important factor in choosing a major is that you should consider the particularity of your education. In other words, the specialty of professionals includes insurance actuarial science, civil engineering, and business management or marketing are subordinate to the generalist specialty.

The advantage of professional education is that it can make you qualified to engage in special occupations, so when you are employed, you will have many choices while also having unique competitiveness in competition. However, if you choose a non-professional industry development, professional education will also limit your choices to some extent.

But a generalist diploma will make it even more difficult for you to determine your career direction, because you do not have any specialized training and technical knowledge. Relatively speaking, you will have a wider range of options for work.


Language environment is another important factor that you should consider when choosing a major. Most international students choose to study business, engineering and IT fields in Australia. This is mainly because they believe that graduates of these majors are in high demand and their occupations are mostly high-income groups.

English is very important for international students. On the one hand, it is the basis for your study. On the other hand, it is also a prerequisite for communication with professors and classmates. Especially in a foreign country, you will be very lonely without friends. If you want to improve your English ability by studying abroad, try to avoid the more popular majors in yourhome country, but if you don’t have too much demand for this, you can also choose a more popular major, so that you can quickly enter the learning state.

In 2021, the international situation is still volatile, and it is now in a critical period for the world to fight against the coronavirus. Last year, the United Kingdom and Australia had a friendly attitude towards international students, and they have become a hot topic for application for study abroad! We hope you can find the right major and get your favorite offer as soon as possible! Let’s work hard together in 2021!