How to improve your performance in e-sports with gaming glasses

Videogamer winning
Videogamer winning first person shooter tournament using RGB keyboard and professional headphones. Pro player man talking with other players online for game competition on powerful computer

After a hectic day at work, you unwind by playing your favourite games. LOL, COD or any game that make your heart pounding with excitement. Gaming is fun. It’s fun when you are simply playing to relieve your stress, and your KDA doesn’t matter. You are a non-serious gamer, so being ranked lower doesn’t matter.

It does a bit. You would want to improve a bit and spend a few extra hours on weekends and improve your game. However, you are missing out on a crucial gear that helps you improve your performance. Professional gamers have high specification gaming gears, from high-performance processors to non-jammy keyboards. For comfort, there is a comfy swivel chair and gaming glasses for the eyes.

Oh, you don’t need glasses, you say. Well, think again. You don’t need to have weak eyesight for wearing gaming glasses that can improve your performance. If you have weak vision, replace your eyeglasses with these when gaming glasses. If you have blessed genes of perfect sight, thank heavens and get these glasses, as they will help keep your eyesight good for long and improve your gaming performance.

What do gaming glasses do?

Gaming glasses enhance your performance by giving you a better vision devoid of any harsh glare from the screen. Your gaming screen or high-resolution computer screen emits blue light rays. These lights strain your eyes, make your eyes tired and even cause blurriness and double vision. You also get headaches from spending too many hours on your device.

Gaming glasses block these harmful blue light emissions and give you a strain-free view. These blue light cancelling glasses can stop 60-90 per cent of blue light emission and are very useful while gaming.

Other benefits of esports glasses or gaming glasses

Gaming glasses or esports glasses block blue lights giving you a clearer and crisper strain-free image. Your eyes do not hurt much, nor do you get occasional blurriness or double vision. Having these problems halts your gaming, and you had to take a rest, leaving you salty all day as you didn’t get to spend your precious time doing your favourite activity.

Gaming glasses help you game uninterrupted and have an enjoyable and entertaining time.

Enhanced Colour perception

Blue light cancelling glasses cuts glares and blue lights to give you a clearer vision. These also improve your colour perception. You see much better and more precise. So, if someone is trying to smoke you, you can get away smoothly.

With a clearer and crisper image, you can see hidden targets and perform well in the game. It would help you increase your ranking and get your name on the leaderboard.

Better Mood

When you are struck with eye pain and headache, you will be in a bad mood. So, much that your party members sitting miles away from you can feel it from your gameplay. You will be reminded to keep your manners in check, which would make you even more irritated.

When you wear gaming glasses, you have a strain-free vision, which also makes your mood better. So no more grumpy or salty gameplay. You can use any game tactics, strategies to make your enemy fall and perform outstandingly in your game.

Game for longer

As you don’t feel too much strain, you can game for a bit longer. You can fully utilise your free hours and play uninterrupted. However, you should be mindful of how sitting all time can hurt your body. Take a break in between. Go for a snack run and continue ranking up.

Gaming outdoors

Playing indoors on your digital devices can be fun, but gaming outdoors is fun too. Playing football with your friends on the field is equally exhilarating. So, leave your devices behind and unwind on the ground. If your friends do not have time for a friendly bout, then you can go for a run along the mountainside. Shedding sweat once in a while can revitalise your cells and take away your stress.

For your recreational activities outdoors, you can don sports glasses. Sports glasses are not just for professionals. They are meant to protect your eyes outdoors from harmful foreign elements like dust, dirt, bugs etc. Your sports glasses also protect your eyes from UV rays and harsh glare from the sun and bright artificial lights.

Sports glasses have a perfect fit that does not get off your face. Whether you are going for a run or cycling with a helmet on your head, your glasses fit your face snugly. And if you are tight on budget, get sports glasses frames and make them in blue light cancelling lenses. You can then use these glasses for both purposes, outdoors and indoors. The versatile and sleek style of the frames will effortlessly let you do that. So, what’s the wait. Hurry and get your glasses.