How to survive your first day in Rust

Rush Gameplay

Your first day in Rust might be the toughest experience you’ve ever had. At first, you might not know where to start, what to get, or even the threats to avoid. From the bears and wolves waiting to devour you to the players hoping to exploit you, this game requires your survival instinct every minute. But don’t worry; even if the threat is numerous and you’re not equipped to face them, there are ways to overcome the challenges. 

This article will share the strategies you must employ to enjoy a danger-free day in Rust. Also, if you can get proven tools from Aimclub, the game will be simpler and more enjoyable. So, let’s start with the tips for your first day’s survival. 

Survival Tips for the first day 

1. Dress up 

There are many threats to life in this game. For instance, players spawn naked into Rust. Without any clothes to protect them from the coldness on the map, death by hypothermia is inevitable. Thankfully, you can create clothes from hemp fibers or animals that you kill and farm for skins.  So, as soon as you spawn into the game, try to cover yourself up a bit before embracing the whole new world. 

2. Create your tools and weapon fast 

The only thing you’ll have when spawning into Rust is your torch and rock. These two items are necessary to survive the night and also craft materials. The rock will help you cut trees, break stones, and fight off the zombies. Meanwhile, the torch will be your guide through the night. The trees or stones you chop and break will help you craft your weapons, such as the stone hatchet and pickaxe. According to pro gamers, you can farm faster by marking X on the tree you cut down. 

3. Search for food 

One of the treats you’ll face is starvation. Players die if they don’t eat and if you want to last through the night, prioritize feeding after crafting the hatchet and pickaxe. Food comes from the animals you kill. You can find chickens or boars moving about on the map. Catching any of them should be a priority too. Once you get these animals, kill them and cook. Don’t eat the meat raw. Also, be careful with the fire you start at night since it will attract opportunistic players. 

4. Create your home 

The wood will also enable you to build a home in Rust as soon as possible. Your base is a hiding place for yourself and the rare items you looted on the map. So, if you don’t build it fast, you’ll wander carelessly and die from Zombie attacks. But be careful of where you’ll build the base. It is better to search a bit to find that perfect spot where you’ll feel safe. Also, resources must be available around you so you don’t overexpose yourself on the map. According to pro players, go into the forest and search for your spot. Don’t go to the deserts or snowy places to avoid excessive hotness and coldness. 

5. Hideaway from others 

Your first day in Rust can be safer if you hide away from other players. Every other person on the map will want to kill and steal your goodies. Once they spot you, they’ll stop everything from pursuing you. Unfortunately, many of them might be more equipped than you, and this will cause you to lose. 

So, make sure you don’t follow the crowd but focus on equipping yourself. One of the things you can also do is run amongst the trees to avoid players when they spot you. Also, use the structures in any town to hide from them too. But if you mistakenly meet bandits, try to comply with them a bit and even give up your goodies. Sometimes they won’t kill you but take your things. 

6. Start Looting Crates 

One of the activities that you must do in Rust is looting. If you want to find good items that can help you survive, you must check out some specific locations to get them. Experienced Rust players have discovered that looting crates are a surefire way of finding good items. Some of the things you can get include scrap, pickaxe, garage door, waterpipe shotgun, road sign jacket, chair blueprint, roadside kit, etc. All these items will ensure a great experience in the land. So, always look out for crates along the roads or near some Monuments. 


Rust is a game where you must do everything possible to survive. You will face numerous threats, ranging from opportunistic players, animals, and even unseen forces such as hypothermia. This is why it is necessary to understand the strategies we’ve shared above. If you make it pasts that first day or night, your chances of lasting longer will be higher.