Huawei Freelance Pro: Experience the Ease of Using Wireless Earphones

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If you are willing to buy a decent pair of wireless headphones, Huawei FreeLace Pro can be the best choice for you for promising audio quality with an active noise cancellation feature. Besides providing the ease of using wireless earbuds, FreeLace Pro also offers high-end design and all-day battery life. These premium neckband wireless headphones have an IP55 rating and considering the designs and features, the price of this pair of wireless earphones is reasonable.

Release Date and Price:

On 10th September 2020, Huawei released the Huawei FreeLace Pro globally. The earphones are available in the UK after release and the price is £119.99. In Europe, the company sells the earphones for €119. After the release of the earphones, it was estimated that the price of the earphones would be $150 for the USA and AU$200 for Australia. The earphones are outstanding innovation of the active noise cancellation feature and are available in three different colors, such as Spruce Green, Graphite Black, and Dawn White.


In order to provide deeper bass, delivering punchier, resonance effect, the 14 mm powerful dynamic driver with independent low-frequency sound tube is built into the earphones. The delicate diaphragm of the earphones takes care of your ears and heart by improving the response capability. Thus, the aluminum-magnesium alloy diaphragm and dual active noise cancellation microphones are the two significant inclusions of the Huawei FreeLace Pro. In general, the battery life of the earphones is 24 hours, however, if you enable the noise cancellation, you will still have 16 hours of listening experience. You can connect the Huawei FreeLace Pro of HiPair technology and USB C plug with any phone or tablet. A five-minute charging of the earphones can help you to experience 5 hours of quality music.

The total length of the earphones is 862.4 mm, and the weight is 34 grams. Besides the 150 mAh battery power, the earphones have a 14.2 moving coil speaker. You can control FreeLace Pro earphones through touch on the left earbud and also through physical keys.

Design and Audio Performance:

The neckband design of FreeLace Pro is excellent to take the shape of your neck as a nickel-titanium alloy is used to connect the left and right earphones. The design of the wireless buds is outstanding for preventing the loss of buds. Besides providing the connectivity of Bluetooth 5.0, there is also a Type-C USB connector that is easy to plug into a laptop or a smartphone. An IP55 rating of the earphones indicates that they have dust and water resistance ability. Therefore, you can use the earphones at the gym or long runs when there is a chance that the earphones will come in connect with water and dust. Besides the elegant and comfortable design, the audio performance of Freelance Pro is clear and natural with a 40 dB noise cancellation feature.

Therefore, for people with an active lifestyle who want the ease and comfort of using wireless earbuds and looking for good quality sound, Huawei Freelace Pro is the perfect pair of wireless earbuds for them.