Loft Conversions In North London For The Everyman

Loft Conversions design
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If you live in North London, then you know just how valuable real estate can be. In light of this, it might be a bit difficult to find the space you need when you’re looking for more room for storage or just need a home office. Well, what if you could get 3 rooms worth of space, without adding a single centimeter of additional land? Welcome to the world of loft conversions in North London.

What You Can Do With Loft Conversions In North London

For anyone looking to maximize space, loft conversions are a goldmine. Some options we offer when designing your loft conversions in North London include

1) En Suites:

Ensuites offer the option of a compact living space capable of supporting a grown man or woman without needing to add any additional land. If you’re thinking of making money off of your loft conversions in North London, an en suite will do just the trick.

2) Terraces:

Loft conversions aren’t just about making a profit, though. If all you want is to bask in the embrace of the great outdoors from your own home, you can add a terrace to your loft conversion and enjoy the North London weather

3) Storage:

If your priority is space, then we are more than happy to include built-in furniture during loft conversions in North London. These are sturdier, last longer, and allow you to maximize every bit of space

          Of course, loft conversions aren’t just about the inside, you need to know what’s happening on the outside and whether your house can handle it.

Types Of Loft Conversions You’ll love

          North London is an old locality with a rich culture easily seen in its buildings, both new (within the last 100 years) and old. However, this is no problem for our expert team as we are fully capable of handling all your loft conversion needs in North London

1) The Dormer:

Dormer loft conversions are the quintessential loft conversions of North London. Not only are they in vogue, due to their simplicity, versatility, and simple stylishness, they are also relatively cheap. Dormer loft conversions in Loft London involve adding a boxlike extension with walls perpendicular to the ground. These offer a lot of headroom

2) Hip To Gable Loft Conversions:

This is ideal for North London homes with terraced or semi-detached roofs. With a hip to gable loft, our structural engineers and designers work to take advantage of your roof’s slope to give you the very best

3) Roof light conversions:

Adding a roof light to loft conversions in North London is one of our favourite client requests because it tells us our clients plan to enjoy the sunlight and relaxation that our services bring to bear.

          It is our love for the field that has allowed us to gather a crack team of structural engineers, designers, project managers, to name a few, with years of experience in loft conversions in North London. They aren’t just experienced though, they are also experts. Want us to prove it? No problem, contact us today, and let’s make your North London loft conversion dream come true.