Minecraft – what is an end portal and how to build an end portal?

Minecraft Minecraft

One of the most beloved video games of all time — Minecraft developed by Markus Persson — who originally named it Cave Game. The game is set in a three-dimensional world where players(above the age of 12) can create in (Creative mode) or destroy (in Survive mode) things. The entire point of the game is allowing players an opportunity to create virtual worlds and explore. The game is extremely addictive and has found more than 100 million players in the year 2020. 

Explaining End Portal 

Initially, when people started playing the game, they didn’t have a way to actually reach the end. End portals are nothing but portals or structure that is found naturally in the game. Once you find the end portal, you can consider the completion of the game. There is only one place you can find an end portal which is a stronghold. 

How to create an end portal in Survival mode 

If you are in survival mode and want to build an end portal, you must visit a stronghold first. Because frame-blocks of the end portal do not occur naturally, you’ll find an existing end portal in the stronghold. Following, enter the eye of the ender in each of the frame-blocks on the end portal which is a total of 9. Once entered, the eyes cannot remove. 

How to create an end portal in Creative mode

In creative mode, you’ll need a ring with a 3*3 square. In the ring, you will require to place 12 end portal blocks and in each block an eye of ender. So, 12 blocks and 12 eyes of enders. The orientation is very important to successfully activate the end portal. Make sure the 3*3 portal area has the front side of every portal facing inward towards it. 

You’ll find the end portal hanging above the lava in a stronghold. Every frame-block has a mere 10% chance that an eye resides in it. In other words, the process is very challenging. Remember, the portal blocks are not dependent on the frame and can exist without the frame itself. However, you’ll need them to create an end portal. The probability that you find 12 eyes in a 12 ender portal is 1 in a trillion. However, the Java edition has enhanced the opportunity with an influx of java seeds. 

Time is also of the essence, and you should not add the 12th eye if you are already inside. So, decide on a plan where you can add the last eye once you are out of the portal area. All the best. Play well.