Mobile Games 2021 Worth Playing


The evolution of mobile gaming is nothing but impressive. It came a long way. Of course, such classics as Angry Birds or Candy Crush will forever stay in our hearts. Yet, technological progress moves rapidly. These days, users can find all kinds of mobile games for every taste and in every genre. The progress in mobile technologies, of course, has played a big role in the rapid growth of such games. Modern smartphones can have better performance rates than modest computers. You can even for some excellent speedy paper reviews and order a paper on the modern tech progress in smartphones. Thus, game developers have enough room to fulfil their ambitions. As a result, modern gaming has significantly progressed in its complexity, diversity, and visuals. This year’s mobile gaming scene can prove to you that. Here are some of the best mobile games of 2021 that are surely worth playing.

Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm

This game has everything you can wish for. Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm is one of those games that capture your attention with both a story and the gaming experience. You won’t rest till your quest is complete. Here, you can enjoy all types of in-game quizzes, like puzzles, along with diverse adventures across the universe. You get to explore the new territories, visit mystery places and fight for your life. Overall, be ready to spend at least 20 hours in Oceanhorn 2. Although the game will stay with you even long after you finish playing. So far, only iPhone users can enjoy Oceanhorn. Though, perhaps it can change soon enough.


Questland is exactly what it sounds like. This game is full of quests, quizzes, random plot twists, and exciting new challenges to conquer. Overall, this game is a perfect tool to kill time and have some exciting online adventures. Here, you have two choices. First, you can follow the storyline to complete the plot of the game. The second option is to spend time doing side quests. Moreover, here you can unite with other players to compete in a guild. Also, you can simply play against other players and earn higher rates when winning.

The game is available for both mobile platforms.

Ticket to Earth

There are not too many completely original games on the market right now. It feels like all possible plots and genres have already been invented. Yet, Ticket to Earth can surprise you. It is a beautifully made puzzle-based combat game. Indeed, it’s quite an unusual genre to try, especially considering the interesting approach Ticket to Earth took with its plot. Overall, you have over 100+ missions to complete in order to finish the game. It has everything from tactical thinking plots to surprise game elements. The game is not free, though. However, its cost is very affordable.

Genshin Impact

This is everything we are talking about when discussing the 21st gaming experience. First, it’s very well-designed. It offers an excellent user experience with beautiful graphics and attention to detail. Secondly, it’s just the next level when it comes to the overall experience. The plot, complexity, number of features, and overall performance is console-like. Hence, it shows the truly revolutionary changes that happen in the world of mobile design.

Genshin Impact is an adventure game that makes you forget about everything else in your life. It’s engaging, captivating, and intriguing. It’s well-executed all the way, from the animation to voicing and plot building. Though, if you are a student, don’t forget to find a few legit research paper writing services before you start that journey. You may forget about the time with a game like this. It’s available for both mobile platforms.


Not all of us want to play those grimy-looking, dark games all the time. Many choose something a little bit more light-hearted. Postknight is exactly the type we are talking about. The game is incredibly charming, cute, and bright. Don’t be fooled, though. In no way it means that Postknight is too easy or short. It’s a full-on gaming experience, we must tell. Yet, you play for very sweet main characters who have to overcome multiple dangers on their way. With each successful challenge, you get to upgrade your character, earning more weapons, armour, etc. Also, while the battles and missions are relatively quick, which is convenient, the entire game can be played for days. It’s super fun and engaging till the end. You can download it for free for iPhones or Androids.


There are numerous reasons for you to try Eternium. First of all, users can play this game even offline. All you need to do is to download the data you need in advance. So, it can be a perfect game for commuting with a poor Internet connection. Secondly, the game reminds me of many classic console games. Its dark mood, magic-oriented plot, and game control look both exciting and familiar. Moreover, you are not done with the game even after the main storyline is over. You can enter new modes and stay in the Eternium universe for as long as you’d like.