Power your Company’s Website by Unleashing the Benefits of WordPress

Wordpress Design

WordPress is blogging software that has been popular in the market since 2003. Over the last few years, WordPress has gained laurels of becoming a content management software for non-blogging websites.

It’ll come as a surprise to you that WordPress powers nearly one-third of websites across the world. And, these range from small personal blogs to major corporations like Sony, Time Inc, NBC, etc. WordPress is one of the primary site builders and content management systems that allow users to download and install free of cost. Also, the unique features make it an overall content management system in the UK today.

Now that you’re impressed with the WordPress Platform, you surely want to set up and run your business with this trendy software. However, making your team agree to your decision is a little challenging process. Well, what if you get to read the benefits that’ll help you convince the top management? That sounds great. So, what’s keeping you from reading on? Let’s get going with discovering what these are:

What are the Benefits of the WordPress Platform for Your UK Business?

Some key benefits that highlight the usefulness of WordPress in setting up and running your business or a personal website are:

Flexible and Adaptable to Changing Needs:

Although, the very purpose of designing WordPress was to support blogging and related online publishing content. However, today it is capable of providing a wide variety of sites for other purposes as well. It’s great for SEO too. With 455 billion sites using the WordPress application, it’s easy to see why so many of them rank high in search engines. If you don’t plan to manage SEO internally, find an agency that specializes in WordPress.

The primary purpose of WordPress is running complex websites for both multinational corporations, managing small businesses, and creating personal blogs. Although it is most known for blogs, WordPress is among the best website builders for small businesses. These sites have fully functioning eCommerce stores, showcase a product portfolio, and hosts a social networking group or even a podcast.

Businesses can customize their WordPress package with some basic and premium plugins based on the company requirements and website suitability. Even better, WordPress helps endlessly adapt to the changing company needs, thanks to numerous themes and easy access to the source files.


The best thing about a WordPress site is that businesses can easily install it and have it running in relatively more minor time. And that doesn’t even need much technical expertise.

Just know that your user needs a domain name and a hosting web account. This account.WordPress can find easy and free installation through a WordPress hosting provider, or even better you can upload the same directly from WordPress.org.

After this, you’ll be able to access all the features at an easy to manage and intuitive Admin Dashboard. With this, you’ll be able to customize the website heading and layout, and you can start to create web pages and web posts for your business right away.

Themes Offer Diverse Options:

WordPress themes provide users with the freedom to choose the functions and appearance of the new site. Using WordPress webdesign in the UK, you can reap the benefits of a growing directory, which has basic and premium themes. And, that’s the reason why businesses are hiring professionals for re-designing and increasing the functionality of their existing WordPress website. Or, they can also create a custom website or theme using WordPress from the ground up.

You can also preview the themes live and install the same at any time. By doing so, you can make a decision if changing the look and layout of the WordPress site holds importance to you or not.

Plugins Extend Functionality:

WordPress encompasses all elements that come into creating an essential website. However, many users look forward to more specialized functions for catering to your website’s specific needs.

There are hundreds of plugins in the WordPress plugin directory. Even the code pieces have designs to perform specific tasks. Yes, you heard that right!

Users can easily add features like shopping carts, contact forms, galleries, and more for making a compatible WordPress site. Users also have a choice of purchasing and installing hundreds of custom plugins, which third-party developers offer. Even better, users can activate, or deactivate and uninstall these plugins as their site evolves.

WordPress Sites Rank Higher:

The key to getting a high rank on Google or other search engines is searchability. WordPress sites rank higher for keywords because of their constant up-gradation and a wide variety of plugins and tools that help in content optimization for SEO. Know that SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization.

WordPress Websites Have Greater Mobile Responsiveness:

 Mobile responsiveness is a significant factor that influences Google Rankings. If a website appears good to users on all the devices they’re using, they will certainly perceive it as a good website.

Experts are all pro for WordPress since it offers a wide variety of responsive theme designs for making a static website responsive with adjustments and plugins.

WordPress Sites Come with a Built-in Blog:

Now that WordPress is a content management system software, it comes with multiple features for making content publishing an easy process.

One of the multiple features is the built-in blog feature that allows easy access from any device. Thereby, users would not feel the need of creating one separately when it comes to adding a blog to their specific website.

A fantastic feature of WordPress is that it’s possible for sites that aren’t related to blogging. Yes, these websites employ the blog feature for adding announcements or updates.

The Verdict

WordPress has been gaining immense popularity as over 30 percent of CMS-based websites use the platform. This fantastic platform uses essential tools for creating a WordPress website that’s available to any user and not just professional web developers.

Yes, these tools provide equal and reciprocal support to small personal sites and large and complicated web portals. There are many features like plugins and themes explicitly designed for extending functions, and WordPress brilliantly works for sites of all kinds.

Now that you’re pretty impressed with the benefits of WordPress, you think of building/ re-building a site, it’s time you lookout for a hosting provider for WordPress hosting. With this, you’ll be able to save time and access the dashboard. And, the superior knowledge of hosting providers is not to mention.