Tips for Facebook Video Production

Facebook video production

How important are videos for Facebook? More than you might think. Studies show that over one billion videos are watched every day on Facebook. About 65% of those views come from smartphone users. And, the global video ad revenue is expected to reach approximately 9.6 billion USD in 2021.

Those are some fascinating statistics when it comes to social media marketing. If you have a business, product, or brand and want to expand its outreach, you need to create and share videos regularly. However, video production is an art. It requires skills and expertise to create a visually appealing video. That is why not every kind of video provides the same attraction and engagement from the viewers.

What you need is a video production company that will handle the Facebook video production process professionally. Doing so will get you the right sort of engagement required for your company or brand. It’s vital to be careful when creating the videos as your engagement will be affected based on the videos. It is also alarming that anyone can find someone’s location based on the check-ins on Facebook posts. So Facebook users need to be careful about all the matters. Below are some tips that will help you get the maximum output from your video.

Keep the videos short

The attention span of people is dramatically decreasing. Whether it is a text or video, you need to keep it short. As a guideline, keep the video no longer than 90 seconds. The first 10 seconds usually determine the engagement rate. And in those seconds, you need your video to be most appealing for the viewers to continue watching till the end. Use a teaser if you like, promising them good content ahead if they do not swipe. Remember to steer away from beating around the bush or featuring something utterly irrelevant to the text supporting your video.

Pick the right thumbnail

A thumbnail is an image for your video that gives visitors an idea of what is in the video. Therefore, picking the right thumbnail might carry more importance than you might think. An attractive thumbnail will arouse people’s attention and make them want to click and see, while a wrong one will inevitably deter them. When it comes to Facebook videos, the ideal thumbnail size is 1280×720 pixels. Also, try to keep the text to less than 20%.

The size of the thumbnail, its color, caption, logo, clarity, and title also play a role in luring a viewer to click your video. As a responsible content creator, avoid vulgarity, indecency or clickbait tactics for making more views. Do not misinform or mislead the audience by posting something utterly unconnected to the video. Even though people might click your video for the first time, chances are they will avoid doing so again.

Include caption in your content

Some people prefer to watch the video with the sound off and read the captions or subtitles. So, adding captions make your videos more user-friendly. Even without the sound, you will deliver the intended message to the viewer.

While choosing the captions, make sure that the font has the right size and color. Other things that you should pay attention to are timings, punctuation, and tone of speech. Captions should be easy on the eyes. In this manner, captioning will increase the engagement rate of your video in the long run.

Use square videos

A significant portion of the population access social media on their smartphones. It is better to use square videos rather than landscape ones. Studies have shown that square videos on Facebook increased its views, engagement, and completion rate. The best video format for a smartphone is these types of videos. They adjust quickly according to the screen size without closing abruptly or buffering. Using this type of video also ensures that the viewer is not distracted because most of the screen is occupied by it.

So, these were some tips that you can put to use during the Facebook video production process. They will help you to attract views, increase watch time, show your expertise, drive more conversions, and attract more traffic.