Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Learn iOS


Apple has invented and created its own mobile operating system called iOS. It is one of the most popular and most creative operating systems out there. You hear people talking all the time about the new iPhone or how they can’t wait to see what new features will be developed.

People want new advantages in everything that they purchase. It is a constant need of the user. But, this is normal, we all want to get some refreshment, and buy something that is worth our money.

But what people don’t see is how this is made and who invents and creates all these fantastic ideas. Here come the iOS developers. There are many arguments why you should become an iOS developer, and here we will see the top 5 reasons you should learn iOS.

Huge Demand

The main reason to pursue this job is that there is a huge demand for developer hire for IOS, and since Apple’s App Store was developed in 2008, there has been a need for around 1.5 million jobs for app design and development. Also, as of February 2021, this app development business has created a new part of the economy worth around $1.3 trillion.

Of course, this alone means that many people pursue this career opportunity, but at the same time, because the demand is enormous, it is a smart move to learn iOS and become a developer.

Easy to Learn

The official programming language for the development of iOS apps is called Swift. Apple developed it in 2014, and it speaks for itself how good it was since many developers switched from Objective-C to Swift. Although typically, it is not a piece of cake to learn it, you still have to be disciplined and dedicated to learning how to use it and be effective fast.

But it is a great advantage that Swift is designed to be fast, simple to integrate with many services of iOS, and it is easy to optimize.

Great Tools

In order to build, test, and package applications, Apple uses Xcode, which is their IDE, the integrated development environment released in 2003. With Xcode, the best advantage is that you don’t need to set up multiple tools to get a working development environment because, with Xcode, you can start building apps right away since it has all the necessary tools in a package. Most developers agree that this is a lot easier than when developing with Android.


This is yet another very significant reason you should learn iOS development. One of the things that definitely motivates you to work harder and better is the salary. And it is fair to say that in the iOS development world, you can get good money for your effort and creativity. Usually, the salary is different for a junior or a senior developer. Still, on average, in the USA, it is around $115,300 per year, which can come with a cash bonus of $5,000. This is a good salary, especially when doing what you love, and it is above the amount of the average salary in the United States.

Fewer Models

Unlike iOS, Android makes a lot more new devices every year. This doesn’t mean that they are better. This can be a great advantage for an iOS developer because you don’t have to waste a lot of time testing and optimizing new apps over various processor types, screen sizes, graphics, etc. You will spend less time troubleshooting and debugging, spend more time developing a great new model, and create a much better experience for future users. The goal is to make user-friendly apps and make the user happy.


These are the top 5 reasons you should learn iOS as quickly as possible and start making your creative ideas come true. The vast demand also means a talent shortage that allows finding a job faster. You should always keep up with the changes in iOS development and strive to become better.
Being an iOS developer means discovering a whole new world that will show you and make you be a part of behind the scenes of how something is created that is used worldwide. It is fascinating to be one of the creators of an app that will bring different people from all around the globe together.
So start learning right now, and become part of the iOS development community!