Ways Of Increasing Search Engine Optimisation For Small businesses

search engine optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has become increasingly common in the digital marketplace today. Everywhere you go, people are either employing an SEO agency in the growth of their business or looking for ways to learn how to use it for the benefit of their business. SEO has become such a huge factor because several consumers use different search engines like Google to find anything they need, whether it is a product, service, or brand.

Increasing the results of your SEO will guarantee a boost in your business. With the helpful tips provided by a local SEO in London like DubSEO, you can get the desired views you hope to achieve for your business.

What does it take to increase your SEO results

There are several factors involved in increasing your SEO results and improving your ranking. With dedication and attention to detail, you are sure to get what you want. By the help of the tips provided below, you stand a chance of stepping up your rankings and improving your business.

How long does it take before you start seeing positive results?

Some elements determine just how fast or how slow you can get results for your efforts. These elements include:

  • The competition you have: It is easier when you are one of the few in your line of business. However, if you have massive competition because several people are into the same business as you are, it will take a longer time for your results to increase. With consistency and time, you will begin to see some positive changes.
  • The skills you have: If you have the skills needed to work on your views, then in no time at all, you will get the increased SEO results you need. If you lack in the area of skills, it will take a longer time for you to get positive results.
  • The condition of your site: is your site already up and running? Or does it need more touch-ups and improvements? An already established site guarantees faster SEO results than a site still in the works.
  • Your budget: a higher budget will be easier to work within increasing your SEO views. With a smaller budget, there would have to be a combination of skills and strategies on your part to guarantee a higher SEO result.

Even if you have all the elements mentioned above, it will still take time before you see positive results. A study was conducted on the top ten pages with the highest SEO results, and it was discovered that some of the top pages were just 2 years old with the number 1 page being three years old. The study also showed that most of those pages achieved the top ten spot from nowhere in about 2 – 6 months. This goes a long way to prove that with a lot of effort, strategy and commitment, you will get the spike in SEO results that you want even if you are starting from scratch.

9 ways to improve your SEO results and increase your visibility on google

Although it takes time and a combination of other factors to increase your visibility on Google and increase your SEO results, there are still other things you can do to get there sooner and improve your chances of ranking higher. Below are 9 ways you can improve your SEO and make yourself more visible

Provide content that is of high quality and adds value

To grow your visibility on Google, you don’t just post anything you want. You have to make it a duty to only post content that is of great value to your audience. Conduct your research, make your findings and be sure of your source before you post your high-quality content. Most importantly, be consistent with it. You have to provide contents that will capture your audience, keep them glued to your page and at the same time, provide a solution to a problem. It could be advice, an answer to a question, or a piece of relevant information. One way of creating such content is through the use of keywords. The appropriate keyword, when used effectively, will draw viewers to your site.

Furthermore, images also have a way of capturing readers attention. Using all these in just the right amount will help boost your views and increase your visibility.

Provide contents that are easy to read and comprehend

We already mentioned the importance of high-quality content; however, it is also vital that your content is easy to read and understand. Make your content easy to read and understand by breaking them up into sections or subheadings. This will tell the reader exactly what is contained in each subheading. The use of bullets in your content is equally useful as it breaks down bulky points into smaller sentences. Contents that are too long or complicated can make you loose views as no one wants to spend so much time reading without understanding.

Optimise your site for mobile users

Research has shown that about 55% of all searches conducted online come from mobile devices. This indicates that mobile phone users pull just as much weight as others. Building or optimizing your site with these people in mind will make you more accessible to people and at any time, even when they are on the move, as there have been reports of mobile users who claim that sites are easy to navigate and read from smaller screens.

Improve site navigation

When people cannot find what they are looking for on your site, it is very likely they won’t be coming back. Positive user experience is one of the things that increase visibility and traffic on your site. A site that is easily navigated leads to more time spent on your site by viewers, as well as an increase in your site rankings. You can do this by making your menu clearly labeled, and making each information not more than 3 clicks away.

Carry out an SEO website audit

An audit will help you find your strengths and weaknesses. It will tell you which area of your site needs more work and which area doesn’t. An SEO website audit will make you look at the following areas

  • Information architecture
  • Previously written content
  • Structure of your website

A look at each of these areas will help you make positive changes. Although it won’t have a direct effect on your visibility level, it will set you on a concrete path to results.

Improve the speed level of site

Sites that take long to load can leave a reader, and potential subscriber frustrated. According to a data report, you could lose about 50% of your visitors if your site takes more than 3 seconds to load. There are a couple of factors that can influence the loading time. They are

Size of the image. Larger images take longer time. Fix this by compressing image size

Script handling: Files like CSS and JS can slow down your loading time. Unless you need these, don’t bother including them when designing your site.

Browser caching: As a site page loads, several other resources load as well. These resources store on the computer and make the same pages easier to load next time.

Make room for inbound and outbound hyperlinks

Creating valuable content and sharing with others is one way to increase links to your site. When mastered, linking is a very effective way of increasing site traffic and ultimately rankings. The more content you create and share with others, the more likely it is that other sites will link back to you directly. Of course, this works when you create content worth linking back to.

Work on duplicate sites

Sites with duplicates get penalized by Google, as opposed to when a site is unique and produces unique content. Duplicate sites also drag down your site rankings unless you take care of them. Site duplicates occur when there is a slight change in the web address. This could lead to two different sites as recognized by Google, producing the same content. Resolve this issue by setting up the right redirect rules in your address or by contacting a professional web designer for help.

Inserting and improving Metadata

One way to improve your rankings in terms of SEO is by making your pages easily deciphered by Google itself. Whether it is by inserting new Metadata or by enhancing the existing ones, you need to pay attention to some key elements to achieve what you want. These elements include

  • Alternative text descriptions or Alt tags: this describes any form of media you have used on your site and also helps the search engine know when to deliver them in image search results.
  • Title: your keyword should be as close as possible to the title of your content because the title will be displayed at the top of the browser window.
  • Description: this explains to the reader what the page or content is all about. It would help if you made an accurate description while utilizing your keywords effectively.

If you want to increase your rankings as well as improve your SEO results, you can get in touch with experts like DubSEOthat provide local SEO services in London. We will put you through the whole process and help you increase your visibility and rankings for effective SEO results. Get in touch with us today.