Argos Contact Number


To all enthusiasts of online shopping in the UK, having an Argos phone number is essential. Argos is a renowned digital retailer in the UK. The company offers over 33,000 products through their website. Over the years, Argos has grown its mobile channels and stores through telephones and Argos TV.

Argos is considered top among the highly rated online high street retailers. Argos websites receive over 430 million views annually. The company has 740 stores and serves around 130 million clients each year. The company is part of the renowned enterprise, Home Retail Group. The home retail group is a leading general merchandise retailer in the UK.


A person can dial Argos phone number from 8 am to 8 pm to speak to an Argo’s customer service attendant. Through the Argos phone number, a person will obtain help with his purchases. Customers can also learn more about Argos credit. They can make enquiries about Argos TV orders, and get information about deliveries or returns. From time to time, Argos contacts their clients for feedback about the nature of their services. All calls to Argos should be through Argos contact number.

When to Contact Argos.

The clients’ support team is available from Monday to Saturday. A person can reach them through Argos contact number from 8 am to 8 pm. During Sundays, the customer support lines are open from 10 am to 6 pm. Customers can also reach Argos, customer service team by email. Through the Argos phone numbers, you can obtain information on items featured on the Argos website.

Cancelling Reservations.

At the moment, it is not possible to cancel a reservation once reserved. Nevertheless, clients are not liable to collect or purchase all the items they reserve. All reserved goods are held up to the end of the next working day. If the goods are not collected in time, they are made re-available for other customers. Customers can reserve products by using Argos contact number.

Paying For Purchases.

Customers can pay for all purchases using numerous most common credit or debit cards. Argos accepts American Express, Argos Card, Maestro, MasterCard, Visa Electron, Solo, among others. Customers can also pay for purchases online with PayPal.

Getting a VAT Receipt.

Items bought for home delivery. The Argos team can send a VAT receipt for you. However, this is done upon a customer’s request. To request for a VAT receipt, email or dial Argos phone number to speak to a customer services attendant.

Delivery Options

Argos have different types of delivery and collection options click here to see how you can have your purchases.

Argos Contact Number