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Asda is a British supermarket retailer with its headquarters located in Leeds, West Yorkshire. It is registered as Asda Stores Limited but trading as Asda.

It was formed in 1949 and was listed in the London stock exchange until 1999 when Walmart purchased it for 6.7 billion Euros. Since 2019, it has been ranked second best ahead of Sainsbury’s and behind Tesco.

Asda is an online shopping shop. Find fresh groceries, George latest line of fashion clothing, home furniture, insurance, and more delivered to your door.

Store formats

Adsa Supercentres

Following the acquisition by Walmart, several supercentres have since been opened. Since 2006, all stores have been purely branded as Asda supercentre and not using the Walmart branding. As of January 2020, Adsa had 32 supercentres.

Asda Superstores

These are non-food supermarkets slightly smaller than Adsa supercentre. Most have refreshments and dining facilities such as a cafe, and some have McDonald’s restaurants or Express Dinners. They also have a petrol filling station. As of 31 January 2020, there were 341 superstores.

Asda Supermarket

Asda purchased 193 stores in May 2010 from Netto, but due to competition, it sold off 47 of them. The remaining stores were integrated into supermarkets division as smaller stores. These are the stores that form the Asda supermarket division, and as of 31 January 2020, there were 209 supermarkets.

Asda Living

Launched in 2003. They are general merchandise stores containing non-foods. Items sold here include home-ware, home electronics, clothing, toys, beauty, and health products. With this type of format, Adsa has linked with Compass Group, which runs a coffee shop within the stores. As of 31 January 2020, there were 33 stores.

Georges Stores

Asda agreed with George’s stores to run a small number of pilot stores. This was after all George’s stores were shut down. Due to high rental costs that resulting in low profitability in 2008.

Adsa Essentials

Was launched in April 2006. With a focus on only stocking own-brand products. It aimed at challenging the dominance of Sainsbury’s and Tesco while at the same time addressing completion from other stores.

Asda Petrol

Petrol Filling Stations launched in 2012 as a standalone petrol filling station. It started at two locations. They include a click and collect facility and a convenience store. The store continues to add the number of petrol stations, but this time on car parks of its existing store portfolio. As of June 2018, they had 319 petrol stations within the car park areas of their stores, and as of 31 October 2019, they had 18 standalone petrol stations.

Brands and Services

Asda Smart Price

It is a no-frills private-label equivalent to Tesco’s Everyday Value trade name. It was launched in April 2017. This brand is on selected fresh food products. It aims at reconnecting the company to its core heritage. The products include fresh produce and meat.

Chosen by You

Is a re-launch of Asda’s mid tier label brand, that was originally launched in 2010 and was to phase out, starting in 2016.

George Clothing

Is marketed as affordable quality fashion clothing and is labelled as George Clothing. From estimations George’s line of clothing is the fourth largest of the retailers in the UK. Asda was the first to stock wedding dresses, and adult bridesmaid dresses as part of George’s clothing line at launch.

Mobile Phones by Asda

Asda mobile, launched in April 2007. This is a phone network operated by Asda. They have partnered with EE to offer the service.

Asda Money

The division offers financial services similar to those operated by other retailers. Services offered include travel money bureau, credit cards, and car insurance. They don’t directly sell these services but have attached their brand to products provided by other companies. But all the marketing & management is coordinated in-house. The division is also responsible for business rewards, Christmas saver, and gift cards.


The company has 25 distribution depots located across the UK. The depots distribute all the supplies to its network of stores.

To You

Alongside its distribution system, they have a parcel service known as To You. From 2015, they have been offering a ‘click and collect’ and online order returns from retailers.

Financial Performance

Asda was in second equal place in the UK’s 4 top market share in the grocery market as of May 2019.

The Asda Number

  • Asda Contact Number

To contact Adsa, call 2732 from your Asda Mobile. The calls are free of charge. If you are outside the UK, you call free of charge from your Adsa mobile.

Asda Head Office Number

Asda headquarters are located in Leeds, United Kingdom. See how Asda is rated.

Asda Customer Service

The customer service is available from Monday to Saturday from 7 am to 11 pm, and on Sundays, 8 am to 10 pm. For screen reader users: Enter to select a “Please tell us the reason you are contacting us” Kindly note down your reason why you are contacting them. If you can’t find a store near you, call and arrange for an exchange of your Georges’s clothing. Note that Asda doesn’t exchange offers for Click and Collect orders. You can also email customer service at

Asda complaints

Below are Adsa’s complaints contacts. Use this comments section in social media platforms to discuss problems you have had with ASDA, or how they have handled your complaints.

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Asda is jam packed with products to make your online shopping fun, relaxing, & productive. With an extensive range of their own-branded products, you are sure of the quality. The story of Asda is full of amazing facts. Shop at Asda. Save money. Live better.