I’m Not a Resident of Halton

Cheapest mersey gateway toll

If you are not a resident, you are not obliged to register for a Mersey Gateway account. All the same, being a registered customer guarantees you cheaper trips over the river.

If unregistered, you will have to pay a total toll charge of £2 for each trip you make. This is applicable only for small vehicles.

For Halton non-residents, you can register on the Mersey Gateway Tolls website or call on 0843 455 2364 if you need any assistance.  There are two choices that will enable you to lower the cost of your tolls.

Using the pre-paid Mersey Gateway account; to pay for one vehicle, you will spend a total of £35.

This charge is inclusive of:

  • A £5 one-off registration price for one car
  • A £30 starting amount to cater for all of your crossing charges.

Please note that you will still manage to make your journeys across the bridges, even if you have no registered account(s). This way, you will have to pay the total ‘unregistered toll charge’ for every single trip you make. The only way to earn a discount is by getting an account with Mersey Gateway Tolls.

Take some time to watch our animated illustration for pre-paid accounts and see what is needed for a successful registration. You will also get to determine the option that best suits you.

Mersey Gateway Bridge

Which Option Will Enable A Halton Non-Resident Save Some Money?

The amount you save will be fully dependent on the total number of times you go over the river.  The more times you cross, the more you are going to save. Consistent customers of all automobiles -taxis, coaches and HGVs, could save as much as 10% for every trip they make. This is only possible if they have a registered pre-paid windscreen sticker account.

You can also purchase once-a-month licenses if you happen to drive small vans or cars on a regular basis.

How Do I Register For a Pre-Paid Account?

On the Mersey Gateway website, choose the ‘pre-pay’ selection and then go by the instructions. A one-time payment of £5 is needed for every single car, for both sticker and video accounts.

After we have verified your details, we are going to mail your windscreen sticker to your address. Sticker accounts get a 10% discount while video accounts get 5% discounts.

What If I Choose Not To Register?

Not registering will have you pay the full unregistered charge every other time you have to cross the bridges.

You are also at risk of being fined £60 in case you do not pay within the stipulated time.

For instance, if you went across the bridge on a Tuesday morning you would have until 11.59PM on Wednesday night to pay the full toll charge. Failure to that, the fine is levied.

Do You Want To Learn More?

If you do not live in Halton and have more questions, feel free to go to our FAQ section and read more on the guidelines there. You can also call on 0843 455 2364  for any specific query.