7 Promising Crypto Projects You Should Definitely Follow to in 2022


Cryptocurrency is one of the unexplained phenomena of the present day. It helps to earn money being online in a variety of ways. All of them are related to the right investment in the right project. Another option is to also play in a crypto-based game and earn tokens there.

If you are interested in this direction, you should define what crypto projects are reliable. Thus, you may go to https://chainbroker.io/projects/ to learn more about all available crypto projects. It regularly updates and offers trustworthy news in the industry. In the meanwhile, we have chosen 7 promising crypto projects in 2022 for you.


The first project is known under the name Nosana. It uses CI/CD and CPU-based Dev(Ops) solutions. This is a mighty combination, which offers all investors huge dividends in the nearest future. Although it is at the stage of demo testing, you may try it to check the options. Mind that you may get many tokens for free! Here are its main dividends for you:

  • Complete customization and decentralization;
  • The use and development of Metaverse;
  • Multiple chances to find partners;
  • Backed by various crypto platforms;
  • Cloud-based;
  • Friendly interface;
  • Quick running.
  • Updated news.

SEOR Network

The second project is called SEOR Network. The first thing that occurs to the mind when you mention this project is simplicity. It is an Oracle platform, which isn’t demanding and runs smoothly on various OS. Among the main benefits are:

  • Full decentralization;
  • Flexible and useable design;
  • Minimal technical demands;
  • An easy way to verify computation;
  • Amazing scalability;
  • Compliance with various blockchain protocols;
  • LON and blockchain technology;
  • Storage without time limits;
  • The use of blockchain;
  • Access to all kinds of data;
  • Customization according to your demands.

Plato Farm

The third option is called Plato Farm. It is a simple, but a quite attractive game that uses familiar rules. Establish and develop your own farm. Thanks to MARK and PLATO (the in-game tokens), you may buy various improvements and boosters. Here are the main advantages of this project:

  • A mighty combo of NFT and blockchain technologies;
  • Full decentralization;
  • Full customization;
  • Many ways to get more tokens;
  • Various events and features for growth.

Fantom Maker

Do not bypass Fantom Maker. It is one of the most prospective in the industry at the moment. It is interactive and creative for the pleasure of the most sophisticated gamers. Its major benefits are as follows:

  • Complete decentralization;
  • Great usability;
  • Full customization;
  • Rapid development;
  • Beneficial allocations for holders and non-holders;
  • The use of blockchain technology;
  • Profitable staking;
  • Anti-whale system, etc.

Kingdom Karnage

Consider trying a project called Kingdom Karnage. It is another game with multiple chances to win. Make allowances for the next benefits:

  • PVP battles;
  • Various campaigns;
  • Work in fractions;
  • Dungeons full of tokens;
  • Available for various platforms;
  • Simple and fast;
  • High scalability;
  • A user-friendly interface.

Ancient Kingdom

Give close heed to the Ancient Kingdom. What is the most uncommon fact about this project? Well, it is the first martial art game that uses blockchain. It is surely interesting for all lovers of good fights. Here are its main advantages:

  • Freedom of gatekeepers;
  • Various chances to establish beneficial partnerships;
  • Rapid development;
  • Multiple opportunities to earn tokens;
  • Marvelous events;
  • Regular upgrades;
  • Regular updates.

Engines of Fury

The last option we propose is a famous battle game known as Engines of Fury. It’s sought-after in various corners of the planet. Let’s check its major dividends:

  • Advanced customization;
  • Complete decentralization;
  • Various events to earn money;
  • Simple and smooth interface;
  • Amazing benefits for all investors on equal terms;
  • High scalability;
  • Big chances to win.

The Bottom Line

The possibilities offered by cryptocurrency are amazing. Although there are certain risks, millions of people admit that they are worth a try because you may earn a lot. Try one or several options offered in our informative review, and we are sure you will enjoy success!