A Look at the Best Exhibition Games for Your Corporate Event

Exhibition Games

Corporate events are an excellent way to foster team building, boost morale, and create a fun atmosphere in the workplace. One of the most effective ways to achieve these goals is by incorporating exhibition games into your event. These games can break the ice, encourage collaboration, and make the event memorable. Here, we take a look at some of the best exhibition games for your corporate event.

Trivia Challenge

Why It Works: Trivia games are perfect for engaging participants of all interests and backgrounds. They encourage teamwork, spark friendly competition, and can be tailored to fit the theme of your event or your company’s industry.

How to Play: Divide participants into teams and prepare questions on various topics. You can use a digital platform for a more interactive experience or go traditional with a quizmaster and answer sheets. Consider including company-specific trivia to add a more personalised touch, explains games hire specialists such as Expoplay.co.uk.

Escape Room

Why It Works: Escape rooms require participants to work together to solve puzzles and find clues, fostering collaboration and critical thinking. They are immersive and exciting, making them a highlight of any event.

How to Play: You can either visit a local escape room or create a pop-up version at your venue. Set a time limit for teams to solve the mystery and escape the room. Themes can range from a classic detective story to a futuristic sci-fi adventure.

Office Olympics

Why It Works: Office Olympics is a fun way to incorporate physical activity and humour into your event. They promote teamwork, boost energy levels, and create a lighthearted environment.

How to Play: Set up a series of mini-games such as chair races, paperclip relays, and desk chair basketball. Create teams and award points for each game, culminating in an award ceremony for the winning team. Make sure to adapt the games to suit the physical abilities of all participants.

Scavenger Hunt

Why It Works: Scavenger hunts encourage participants to explore, communicate, and think creatively. They are highly adaptable and can be designed to fit the layout of your venue or even span across a city.

How to Play: Create a list of items or challenges for teams to find or complete. Use clues that require teamwork and problem-solving to decipher. Incorporate company landmarks or relevant industry-related items to make it more engaging.

Cooking Competition

Why It Works: Cooking competitions are great for fostering creativity and collaboration. They also provide a delicious way to end the day, with participants enjoying the fruits of their labour.

How to Play: Set up cooking stations with the necessary ingredients and tools. Divide participants into teams and assign a dish or theme for them to create within a set time frame. Invite a panel of judges to taste and score the dishes, and consider offering prizes for the best creations.

Charity-Based Games

Why It Works: Incorporating a charitable element into your event can boost morale and give participants a sense of purpose. It fosters a spirit of giving and community involvement.

How to Play: Organise games where the winnings or outcomes benefit a local charity. This could be a fundraising race, a donation-based trivia game, or a charity auction. Ensure the charity’s mission aligns with your company’s values.

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