Buy Feminised Cannabis Seeds at Herbies

Feminised Cannabis
Image Source: Unsplash

Feminized cannabis seeds have been at the top of the market for over two decades. They are in demand worldwide among commercial producers and those who do it as a hobby. Any big seed bank offers a decent choice of the best-feminized varieties. The Herbies website is no exception. Here, you can choose the best product and enjoy a great harvest.

What are feminized seeds?

Cannabis plants can be female or male. Heterogeneous plants grow after regular pollination that occurs without human intervention. Male cannabis is of no interest to consumers. Females, on the contrary, are very much appreciated: they form buds with a high content of THC, which causes the desired effect. Modified seeds do not carry male genes and ensure that only female plants will grow. This type is also called Sensimilla; its buds are larger and contain a higher percentage of THC.

How is feminization done?

Each plant is able to become a hermaphrodite and produce the reproductive organs of both sexes. This property is used in feminization. Growers force females to produce sacs with pollen and pollinate normal healthy female plants with it. Hence, male chromosomes do not appear, and only fertile females grow from them.

Why you shouldn’t take risks with regular seeds?

Feminization is a simple and easy way to grow high yields. Many growers find it difficult to eliminate males at an early stage of flowering. If you do not separate one from the other in time, pollination will occur, which will significantly reduce the quality of the crop. Just one cracked pollen sac can fertilize many girls, which is unlikely to be desired by the grower.

Where can you buy the first-class product?

So, you have made a decision and want to buy seeds of excellent quality. Which manufacturer do you prefer? Of all the companies on the market, Herbies is undoubtedly the best and the most trustworthy firm. They deserve the Number 1 title for many reasons:

  • The team is actively engaged in research in the field of cannabis breeding and breeding varieties with the maximum THC content. The company’s experience exceeds 10 years. These are people who are passionate about their business and do everything to give the consumer the best quality on the market.
  • Huge assortment. In Herbie’s online store, you can find dozens of items. Different buds may have varied flavours and effects. You can read about all this in the product description and choose the right one. This is great for both newbies and pro growers alike. With Herbies, you will become a real cannabis sommelier.
  • The company builds long-term and transparent relationships with customers. You can see customer reviews of various products on the site. The prices here are affordable, and the support service will always answer any question.

If you want a quality product that will allow you to get an unforgettable experience, Herbies is the place where you will definitely find what you need. Trust the professionals and enjoy first-class cannabis.