C Murder release date: who is C Murder and when is his expected release date from jail?


C Murder is an American songwriter and rapper who has gained massive popularity in the rapping genre. The real name of this rapper is Corry Miller. Corry was born in March 1971 and grew up in Louisiana. He is the younger brother of the Grammy-winning rapper, Silkk the Shocker and music mogul, Master P. C-murder has nine solo albums in his name including his hugely successful debut album “1998’s Life Or Death”. His debut album has sold around a million copies bringing him immense popularity. 

Real Name Corry Miller
Date of Birth 9th March 1971
Age 51 Years
Place of BirthThe United States
ProfessionSongwriter, Rapper, Singer
WifeDionne Miller

The reason C Murder is in jail 

In a trial in 2009, a jury member in Louisiana found C Murder guilty of murdering. According to the jury, the popular rapper killed Steven Thomas, a 16-year-old boy in a nightclub back in 2002. On August 2009 Corry Miller was sentenced to lifetime prison. He can not get out of prison unless he can prove his innocence. Even though the rapper stayed upright throughout the whole process and stressed his innocence he was unable to prove that. Due to this reason, the release date of C Murder was unknown till then. However, in 2018, two important witnesses who were previously testified against him changed their words. They said that the police forced them to act as witnesses against the popular rapper. Kenneth Jordan, one of the witnesses even said, “I know that the person I saw shoot the gun was not Corry Miller”. Another witness Darnell Jordan also said that Corry did not shoot Steven Thomas at all. This incident created great controversy and C-murder fans are hoping that the rapper will be able to prove his innocence. Even then C Murder release date is not clear till now. 

Kim Kardashian’s connection to C Murder release date

After two of the witnesses changed their statements in 2018 some popular personas came forward to support C-murder. Kim Kardashian West, an American socialite and celebrity announced his support for Corry. Kim has finished her first year at law school and stepped forward to see if she can find a way to release C Murder from prison by proving his innocence. Singer Monica whom Corry was previously dating also joined the supporting squad along with Erin Haney and Jessica Jackson. All four of them collaborated to end the tragedy of C Murder and prove him innocent. Along with releasing C Murder the goal of this supporting group is to reduce the number of prisoners who are actually innocent. 

Concluding thought

Even though it is still not clear when C Murder will be released we can expect some good news after the entry of the supporting squad of Kim Kardashian. Now we only have to wait to see if they can dramatically change the situation and set the rapper free. Our good wishes will always be with the innocent.