CCNP Exam 2022 | 5 tips for passing the exam!

CCNP exam

The CCNP security certification is the most advanced Cisco certification in any network area. CCNP originally stood for Cisco Certified Network Professional. It is a certification level above the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) and understands the solid knowledge and logic of the concepts already covered in the CCNA. Know further about CCNP ENARSI from this source.

Plan the sequence:

Now that you know what test you will take, make a plan for your preparation. Set training objectives based on your exam objectives and the time you have until your exam date. Allow enough time to exercise. Cisco provides the following exam objectives for all three exams:




Examine Your CCNA Course:

As you prepare for your CCNP certification, review the fundamentals of the CCNA course. The concepts of CCNP routing and switching depend on CCNA concepts. The CCNP revolves around the same topics as the CCNA and provides in-depth knowledge and logic of the CCNA subtopics. If you received your CCNA certification long ago, brush up on your knowledge, skills, and reasoning to prepare for the CCNP certification. To know more about CCNP go here to check out.

Experiential Learning:

You would know that the Cisco exam unable to pass without hands-on experience if you had earned your CCNA certification. Before taking the CCNP security exam, Cisco recommends 1-3 years of experience. It is because you can gain hands-on experience with all your Cisco CCNP security devices. Set up a home lab to familiarise yourself with Cisco equipment. Cisco exams require 4-5 hours of hands-on sessions to understand your design and concepts.

Additional Resources for Learning:

Cisco Press Books are the most comprehensive resource for preparing for any Cisco exam. However, they are insufficient. Participate in online forums to get answers to your questions. Keep up with advanced developments by following the Cisco blogs. Look for videos on the internet. A wealth of learning material is available on the internet to assist you. There is no better way to prepare for Cisco certification exams than to take as many practice exams as possible. Taking the CCNP Security Practice Tests helps you manage time and deal with pressure but also provides insight into your level of preparation.

Practical knowledge:

The CCNA certification must have specified its requirements. Cisco certification is never just about memorizing facts. If you earned your CCNA without a lab, getting your CCNP will be difficult without hands-on experience. Get plenty of practice in your CCNP lab to become acquainted with Cisco CCNP devices and perform well on your CCNP exam.

Investigate a topic you don’t fully comprehend online:

It is unavoidable that your book and video course study will cover some technical topics sufficiently to pass the exam but still be unsure about how technology works in practice. It is an important issue to address while studying for the exam. Remember that a textbook has only enough pages to cover the material, a video course cannot last forever, and your first and only task is to focus on the exam content.

Make use of your unique combination of additional resources:

SPOTO will strive to provide the best IT training, whether online or in-person. They also recognize that you may require additional study materials to feel completely confident on test day and the options available. So supplement our videos with in-depth tutorials, practice tests, blogs, and flashcards. You’ve already passed CCENT and CCNA, so you ensure your preferred learning style. Stick to the resources and methods that work best for you.