Consider moving to the Canary Islands

Canary Islands

There are plenty of reasons to consider moving to the Canary Islands. Over 700 international businesses have already established themselves on the archipelago, attracted by a host of advantages.

One major draw is the islands’ excellent healthcare and education systems, which cater to a diverse and cosmopolitan population. The influx of foreigners and businesses has created a multicultural atmosphere that adds value to an already attractive location.

The climate is another major selling point, with investors and companies drawn to the sunny weather and the wealth of natural resources on offer, providing a unique Canary Islands quality of life. From top-notch biodiversity to stunning natural beauty, the Canary Islands have it all. And with a wide range of cultural and sporting events on offer, the islands offer a perfect balance of work and play.

Overall, the Canary Islands provide an excellent location for businesses looking to thrive in a vibrant and welcoming environment.

Work and quality of life

Coworking is a necessary space for those workers who want to work remotely and the Canary Islands have a wide range of coworking spaces and co-livings to meet all the needs of professionals who decide to move to the islands.

These collaborative spaces create synergies among their members (freelancers, workers, startups, or SMEs) and are ideal for sharing ideas and knowledge in the community and generating work and networking opportunities.

The islands have a wide range of coworking spaces, with more than 70 spaces distributed in 5 of its 8 islands. Among the main advantages of having these spaces are the following:

– Working with good equipment and the latest technologies. In these coworking spaces, there are complementary services where you can include additional material or services, such as reception or mailboxes, meeting areas for clients, areas with projectors, whiteboards for team meetings, printers, and a long etcetera.

– Optimize costs thanks to flexible rates with packages that adapt to each member’s needs.

– Expand training thanks to its events, training courses, and community activities that strength training in different areas of knowledge.

– Improve the scalability of the business, since for example if a startup is established in the space and it is not known how much it can grow, integrating new members to the team is not a problem thanks to the fact that more space can be rented according to the demand of the project.

– Fostering relationships with other companies or startups will give you many networking opportunities.

– Freedom of schedule, since, although some have limited time availability, many others are open 24 hours.

In addition, the Canary Islands have an increasing offer of co-living, the new residential modality of coworking, where not only space and experiences are shared in the professional field, but also applied to personal life, sharing common spaces in homes or buildings and can continue to exchange experiences, whether work or life.

In the Canary Islands, there are more than 20 co-livings and most of them are located in the two most populated islands, Gran Canaria and Tenerife.

In short, the Canary Islands are the ideal place for remote work, with its spaces prepared for all the needs of companies, an enviable climate, and a wide variety of leisure and free time activities.

The multiculturalism and diversity of the Canary Islands

The cultural variety of the Canary Islands is a reality, which shows that the Canary Islands is not only a tourist territory where millions of foreign tourists visit but that more and more nationalities are choosing the Canary Islands as their habitual place of residence.

Thanks to the existence of an attractive coastline with extraordinary beaches, the goodness of the Canary climate with stable average temperatures throughout the year, the political stability of the region belonging to the European Union, the cultural heritage that the islands have, the level of economic development in which the Canary Islands is added to the good international air connection, make the islands a place where everyone wants to live.

Leisure & Sports

Another reason why you can move to the Canary Islands is the multiple options for leisure and outdoor sports that the islands offer.

We start with sports, and the Canary Islands are ideal for outdoor sports throughout the year, whether extreme sports, adventure, or nature. The orography of the islands invites you to practice sports either by land, sea or air.

The islands have a wide variety of the most complete routes for road and mountain biking. The slopes and unevenness of the orography make it a challenge for all levels.

Another of the most popular sports is surfing, and the Canary archipelago has become a meeting place for surfing, where the best surfers in the world come together to compete and also fans from all over the world. Thanks to the weather conditions and the numerous beaches, in a short space of time you can go to different beaches in search of the big wave, and it is very easy to find surfing equipment rental points.

Running, Trail, climbing, paragliding… are other of the many sports you can practice in the Canary Islands, here you can find a wide range of companies dedicated to these types of activities, so you can enjoy the landscapes of the islands in a respectful and healthy way.

Business on the Islands

If you like the idea of never leaving your favorite vacation spot but are worried about how you could survive financially to support your lifestyle, not to mention make a living, then fear not, the Canary Islands is one of the best places to do business.

The economic and political infrastructures offer stability that is on par with the best systems in Europe. Setting up your business in the Canary Islands doesn’t necessarily mean you lose touch with the rest of the world, on the contrary, it is one of the best-connected regions of Europe due to its incredible airport and port infrastructures and connections.

Business ventures and large corporations enjoy full access and connectivity to global markets as they would anywhere else in the world and have the benefit of an exceptionally well-skilled workforce that understands the area and how things operate.