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An essay definition may seem simple initially. However, this impression can be deceptive, and you will not get the grade you expected if you do not know its proper structure. The essence of essay definition is for the text to be personal and academic simultaneously. The word definition should be highlighted from all sides. Below we will highlight a few guidelines to help you write a word definition essay.

Choosing the right word:

For your essay not to seem too short and dry, with a fraction of opinion and reflection, you must choose the right word to define. By “proper,” we mean something abstract that would have a complex meaning. In our case, we have the word love, which fits the given theme perfectly:

  • It is an abstract concept
  • We can explain it in terms of psychology, biology, or chemistry, i.e., it has a scientific implication. Moreover, each of us is familiar with love. So, this term will be easy to explain and understand
  • There are several “kinds” of love, so you will have enough material to represent

To gain the necessary information, it is also recommended to study the concept of love in the dictionary, or better in several, and learn the word’s origin. A little historical fact has never hurt any academic work yet.

The main elements of an effective definition:

Conduct a word analysis. Although the word love cannot be parsed into several parts, you can use this principle when considering other kinds of love, such as spiritual love, maternal or paternal love, sisterly or brotherly love, etc.

You can also categorize this concept by indicating which parts of speech it refers to. Although this information may not appear very important or interesting, academic work must balance the scientific and the personal.

Clarification of traditional details is also very much appreciated in the definition essay. In this part, you describe the traditional characteristics inherent in your chosen word. Let’s say, for example, that love is traditionally thought to “give us butterflies in our bellies.” Pick up a few traditional thoughts about the concept of the word love, as they are good to draw from in further descriptions.

It is important to use examples to illustrate the meaning better. Our brain works in such a way that it remembers visual objects best. Using appropriate stories or images can greatly emphasize the explanation of an abstract, formless concept.

Explaining the etymological origins of a word can be very interesting. Tell how the term originated, what it originally meant, and how it transformed over time to appear to us as we see it now. Sprinkle it all with background information.

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Formalize the structure of the definition essay:

Beginning with the opening paragraph, you need to introduce a standard definition of the word. Please discuss the dictionary definition of the word and its traditional characteristics in this paragraph. This will be especially helpful if your definition is markedly different from the standard definition, it will create a contrast.

After that, you should define the word in your own words. It is important that your definition also sound concise and basic. You’ll go into more detail about this in the main section.

Each word definition, personal, standard, scientific, etc., should be separated into paragraphs. In the end, outline the main points readers should take away from your essay.

Also, you can write about how the word applies directly to you if necessary. In this part, you can lay out a brief, compelling story that would be memorable to readers. What do you mean by that? You may describe how you felt when you realized you were in love, share your favourite moments with your pet, describe a cozy family memory or anything else that made you feel in love.

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