The Economic Hardship Scheme for Halton Residents


Halton residents are eligible for free trips across the bridge once they produce the necessary documentation to prove that they are residents. However, there are Halton Borough residents who are not eligible for the registration owing to their low-income status. This is where the Economic Hardship Scheme comes in to save the day.

Any Halton resident who wishes to benefit from this scheme can accurately and completely fill up the application form. This form should be filled only by residents whose property falls under the Council Tax Band H or G. In case you are not very certain of the tax band under which your residence falls, click here for more information.

It is important to note that there are limitations as to who can qualify for the Economics Benefits Scheme. In order to qualify for the scheme, your income needs to be within the set limitations. Therefore, before you make the application, be sure to confirm your eligibility.

Please Note…

The application for the Economic Hardship Scheme is only used to check the amounts of your household income. Therefore, after you qualify for this scheme, you might want to apply Halton Residents Discount Plan.

Are you a Halton resident on a low income? Call us today on 0843 455 2364

and we will guide you on how to apply for the Residents’ Economic Hardship Scheme.

merseyflow_hardship_scheme_application for Halton Residents Form.