Halton Resident Discount Scheme

Halton Resident Discount Scheme

Any resident of Halton will be in a position to cross both bridges at no charge once they register for a Mersey Gateway account at an annual administration fee of £10.

I’m A Halton Resident. Why Should I Register?

Failure to register will have you pay the full unregistered charge every other time you have to cross the bridges. You also risk paying a fine of £60 in case you do not pay within the stipulated timelines.

To be an eligible Halton resident, you must have proof that you meet the following criteria:

  1. You should either be:
  2. i) Registered with Halton Borough Council as dwelling in a property that is within in Halton, and has a Tax Band of A to F.
  3. ii) Listed with the Borough Council of Halton as being resident within a property in Halton that is under the tax band of G & H, and have fruitfully applied to the council so as to be involved in the Halton dwellers’ deduction scheme due to economic challenges* or any other special conditions.
  4. Owning valid and updated UK drivers’ licenses and a driving a vehicle or a van** (motorcycles will be allowed to travel at no charges).
  5. Listed as a keeper of the car, as per the DVLA of a car listed in Halton. Other substantial evidence that you are the one responsible for the car exclusively will be needed for leased cars or business vehicles.
What do i need to register

*If you reside within Halton and do not qualify for the discount plan, you might be eligible to get help via the economic hardship scheme. Call us on 01928 878 878 and we will guide you on how to go about it.

*Small vans are those that weigh 3.5 tons or less. Click here to see more detailed vehicle classifications.


It is advisable to ascertain that you have scanned copies or photos of the documents needed before you start the registration process. You will be needed to upload the files, for your registration to be successful.

The documents are:

  1. Your valid drivers’ license
  2. A copy of your tax bill – talk to us on
  3. A valid registration file for your car (this is the green and red V5C form)

NOTE: All files can only in PNG, JPG, PDF or BMP formats, and be 5MBs or less.

Your home address must be the same as the one you gave while registering.

If you need more information and/or clarification, you can talk to us on We also have an animated illustration of the registration process, to make it easier to understand.

What Next After Registration?

After successful registration, our teams will give you a windscreen sticker. With this, you can commence your trips across the bridges for a year.

You will be required to renew your registration yearly, at which point you will provide your eligibility proof documents

Are taxis and Driving Helpers’ cars included in the Local User Deductions?

If they both are satisfactorily under the local user discount plan, then yes they qualify.

This is only for their personal travels.

Every business trip made by them, however, must be paid for as such.

Would you like to get started with the registration process? Get the form here or call us on 01928 878 878 and we will guide you accordingly. You can also read some more on our FAQ section

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