Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

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PIP Contact Number.

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PIP Contact Number

All PIP claims start by making a call to the PIP Contact Number. Understanding Personal independence Payment, PIP is a benefit that allows people with disability to get help with their needs. Individuals living with physical impairments or long-term illnesses require a lot of care and support but sometimes they may not have the means to afford it. With PIP, someone in such a situation receives the necessary support to improve their quality of life. Personal Independence Payment is for persons between 16 and 64 years of age, and it applies to England, Wales and Scotland. The Personal Independence Payment contact number makes it easy to find out relevant information when looking to make a claim. Here are the fundamentals of PIP.

How does it Work?

PIP rates vary depending on the impact of a particular condition rather than the condition itself. There is an assessment conducted to evaluate how much a particular applicant is entitled to. Reassessments ensure that individuals receive payments that match changes in their circumstances. There are two PIP components; daily living and the mobility component. An individual must find out which of the two they qualify to register. PIP replaced the Disability Living Allowance but children younger than 16 and adults older than 64 can continue getting it DLA. However, someone who is still on DLA should wait until the Department of Works and Pensions informs them that it is ending and send an invitation to apply for PIP.

What Do You Get?

For someone who is registering for PIP for the first time, it helps to know what to expect and when to expect it. For the daily living component, the standard weekly rate is £55.10 and the enhanced weekly rate is £82.30. The mobility component gives £21.80 weekly standard and £57.45 for the enhanced rates. Depending on the condition, you can get payments for both components. Payment comes every four weeks and it is made into a bank account. There is also another kind of support such as vehicle tax exemptions, carer allowance, housing or transport. Find out the payment that you qualify for.

Who Can Apply?

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Understanding the eligibility requirements of PIP will help persons who want to apply. Firstly, an individual must be the right age, which is between 16 and 64 years. An applicant must also have a disability or long-term illness that makes it hard to fulfil daily activities and impacts mobility. The health conditions problems must be at least three months old and expected to go on for at least another nine. A terminally ill individual is one who is not expected to live beyond six months. There are also definitions of daily living difficulties that qualify one for payment. You can use the Personal Independence Payment Helpline to find out more about them.

A claimant should also be in the UK during the time of the claim. The government allows some exceptions such so find out if you qualify. An individual must also show that they have been in the region for at least two years out of the last three. There are residency requirements that a person must meet as well. A claimant should not be under immigration control except for sponsored immigrants.

Personal Independence Payment Making A Claim.

When it comes to making a claim, start by using the PIP helpline number to call the DWP. If you can’t make the call, someone else can do it. You have to provide all the information necessary to make a claim, such as contact details, doctor’s name, and building or society details among others. Then you will have to fill out a PIP form to provide the details of your health condition or disability. SAB offer help to complete the form, the assessment comes after the application. During an assessment, the professionals you work with to manage your health will have to provide their reports. You also have to undergo a face-to-face interview with an independent medical care expert. Attach any supporting documents you may have when making a claim.

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