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It is a welfare program that was started in April 2013. Its main aim is to replace six differing tax credits and means-tested aids in Great Britain by 2015/2016. It is a single payment option, available to people currently and actively looking for work in the UK. It is also available to persons who are employed but earning a low income. Universal credit offers financial assistance to claimants when returning to working life. As the income of a claimant increases, the Universal Credit payments reduce. For low-income earners, most of the benefits received will not be denied.


Universal Credit aims to achieve four principal functions. First, it provides the public with an incentive to work. It helps to streamline the changeover between people in and out of employment. Minimising the possibility of errors and fraud when allocating Universal Credit benefits. Also, it should make the system easy to comprehend and to minimise the back office administration.


people can call Universal Credit inquiries by dialing 0843 455 2361 about their eligibility. They can speak to professionals who comprehend current policies and guidelines of Universal Credit claims. The eligibility of Universal Credit is also outlined by the HMRC and DWP. Information is also available through the contact number, applicants will gain access to the knowledge of what HMRC and DWP aim to accomplish. This is through their efforts of streamlining the welfares by starting this new type of benefit.

Universal Credit Helpline 0843 455 2361


If a person wants to apply for Universal Credit, it is important they check with the local job centre. This way, the applicant can ascertain if the job centre is receiving new applications. This verification can also be done by dialling the Universal Credit Helpline. You can apply for this benefit online, it is straightforward and can be done very quickly.


This benefit is being paid directly into your bank account. Beneficiaries’ can also be paid to their building society accounts. All payments are made on monthly basis. A single payment covers all separate benefits an applicant may have previously received. If two applicants are claiming as a couple, they are paid through a single bank account.


The DWP and HMRC offer substantial information pertaining to Universal Credit. You can also contact the Universal Credit helpline team for assistance. This helpline is open from Monday to Friday 8.00am to 6.00pm. It is managed by a team of friendly customer care agents who has a vast knowledge of Universal Credit. The universal credit helpline 0843 455 2361 can also be used by applicants when making an appeal. Such applicants can be given an explanation on the application decision and also get an insight into further developments. Some useful info can be seen at Money Saving Expert and Citizens Advice.

Before you apply

The following information may be required.

  • your postcode.
  • your National Insurance number.
  • where you want the universal credit paid into.
  • your tenancy agreement (if you rent).
  • info of any savings or investments you might have.
  • info of any sums of money not from work.
  • any other benefits you get.
  • do you have children, if so their Child Benefit numbers

Call Universal Credits 0843 455 2361

Contact Number0843 455 2361
Universal Credits
Universal Credits.
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