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Tesco Complaints Number


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Based in Chesnutt, Hertfordshire, Tesco PLC is a global retailer of general merchandise and groceries and is the second-largest profit-making retailer globally. The company operates in countries across Europe, Asia, and North America and is the leading grocery retailer in the UK, Ireland, Thailand, and Malaysia. Tesco Complaints number is 0843 455 2352.

Making Complaints to Tesco

Tesco is the most preferred grocery retailer for household items, appliances, and appurtenances for daily use. But with size comes greater risks for diluted customer experiences and quality issues. If you experience any inconveniences or disappointments shopping at Tesco, you will need to call the Tesco complainants number.

The Tesco customer relations department promises that all complaints are handled with confidence and that customers get a speedy response on the issues they raise. Dial 0843 455 2352 to file your complaint.

Calling 0843 455 2352 is an excellent way to voice your complaints or express dissatisfaction with their products or services. Of course, you can reach the company’s customer service team via mail or email or by visiting the store, but phone calls are the swiftest way to get your concerns addressed.

Tesco Complaints Number

The company handles countless complaints daily, so be mentally ready to be placed on hold for some time when you call 0843 455 2352. To cut your time you can try a second Tesco complaints number – 0843 455 2352.

0843 455 0079 is a toll-free number, but 0843 455 2352 is billed at the local rate. These two numbers are for general Tesco inquiries. However, if you wish to speak to a specific Tesco department, please use the relevant Tesco complaints number from the ones listed below:

Tesco hypermarkets

These are gargantuan shops that stock a wide range of Tesco’s products. The Tesco Extra in Walkden is the largest of the Tesco Hypermarkets. You can get assistance with all issues that pertain to the products and services at these stores by calling 0843 455 2352.

Tesco supermarkets

Tesco Superstores are standard grocery stores with both food and non-food items. For grocery-related complaints, call 0843 455 2352.

Tesco Express store

Tesco has many neighborhood shops that are much smaller than the hypermarkets and supermarkets. These stores stock processed foods, wine, confectionaries, and other daily essentials. Call 0843 455 2352 for general complaints and 0843 455 2352 for wine-related issues.

Tesco non-food

Tesco non-food initially Tesco Direct stores specialize in household items, clothing, phones, and appliances. If you have Tesco non-food complaints, you can call the department directly at 0843 455 2352.

Tesco tech support

Tesco sells an extensive range of electrical appliances in their hypermarkets, supermarkets, and express stores. If you face issues that specifically pertain to electrical products, you CAN contact the department at 0843 455 2352.

Tesco loyalty program

Tesco operates a customer loyalty program dubbed the Tesco Clubcard. If you have inquiries or complaints regarding collecting or redeeming points, you can contact this department at 0843 455 2352.

Tesco Complaints Phone Number 0843 455 2352

People generally prefer to memorize a single Tesco complaint number. The general customer complaints line at the retailer is 0843 455 2352. The customer care department handles all complaints directing each to the relevant departments.

Please remember that filing these kinds of complaints can be frustrating. In that case, written communication may be the best for your case so that you don’t say anything that you may regret later. Writing your complaint gives you time for composure to organize your thoughts soberly despite your raging disappointment.

Mail your Tesco complaint to

Freepost SCO2298,

Dundee, DD1 9NF,

The retailer might address your complaints fast and accurately if you attach supporting documentation, including receipts. The more specific you are, the better the chances of an expedient and effective resolution. The same can be said for phone calls. Have all the facts and documents with you before you place the call. Take a moment to breathe, then articulate your concerns with clarity.

Other Tesco numbers For:

Investor Relations: 1707 912 922

Media: 01707 918 701

Clubcard Boost: 0808 100 0707

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