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How to get a Budgeting Loan from the DWP.

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The UK’s benefits system is designed to ensure that those without adequate income can meet their day-to-day expenses. But sometimes a person incurs an irregular or unexpected expense that their allotted benefits will not cover. Budgeting loans are a useful personal finance program to help you fill in the gaps or when you are changing to universal credit.

These government-based loans must be a minimum of £100. (The maximum amount varies based on your marital status and whether or not you have any children). And can help you pay for things like clothing. Furniture and moving costs that would not factor into the typical budget upon which benefit amounts are based. It must be repaid within the 104 weeks directly following your receipt of these funds, barring exceptional circumstances. If you have any question or you would like to apply then you need to contact the DWP on 0843 455 2351.

There are several requirements you must meet in order to receive a budgeting loan. You must be a recipient of UK benefits. Of course, and you must have been receiving them for 26 consecutive weeks prior to your application. You must also still be receiving at the time your application is processed (it may take up to 15 working days after submitting your documentation).

These criteria determine whether or not your application will be accepted. Further criteria such as your level of savings and your ability to repay the loan determine how much you will be eligible to borrow. Although you do not necessarily need to borrow the maximum amount for which you qualify. You also cannot owe more than £1,500 in budgeting loans or crisis loans. (Another government program that is now only available in Northern Island and Scotland and is called crisis loans) at any one time.

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How To Claim.

If you think you meet these requirements, the next step is to fill in an SF500 form. You can download one online or by clicking on the link above. Alternatively, you can go to your local Jobcentre Plus location and ask for one. Find your local Jobcentre Plus. On the form, you will need to fill in personal details. Like your name and National Insurance number. As well as those of your partner (if you have one), and list the types of benefits you are receiving.

You also must identify your intended purpose for the loan. And it must be one that qualifies for the program. The full list of eligible purchases includes. Clothing and footwear. Furniture and household equipment. Advance rent or removal expenses. Home maintenance or improvement. Travel expenses within the UK. Expenses associated with seeking or re-entering work. Maternity expenses. Funeral expenses. Repaying debts accrued for any of the other items on the list. If you do not need the money for any of these reasons, you will not qualify for the program.

Don’t forget this is a loan.

It is important to remember that budgeting loans are in fact loans, and need to be paid back at some point. They may not accrue interest like a commercial loan would. But they nevertheless represent a financial burden, best you don’t take on unless you have no other choice. If you have any ideas about how to reduce the cost of the items you are getting the loan for. You should be sure to explore them in order to minimise the amount you owe.

You should also take the time to investigate whether or not you might qualify for other benefits or grants that could cover the expense. If none of these solutions is appropriate for your situation. However, then you should not hesitate to apply for a budgeting loan, this program exists to help you, after all. Budgeting loans can take up to 15 working days to process. But you can contact the team on the budgeting loan number below.

Contact Number for the Budgeting Loan team, for existing & new claims, should call DWP on 0843 455 2351.

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On completion of your SF500 form, you can send it to the relevant Freepost bellow.

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