For residence of the United Kingdom facing issues with their Microsoft product. For any queries, technical or otherwise, of Microsoft products including Microsoft software,

Microsoft laptops or even XBox dial the general number to get immediate support. Take a look at the most common XBox problems and how to fix them.

What is Microsoft?

A multinational company that was founded in the United States of America is considered to be amongst the leading information and technology companies in the world. With a total worth of more than £150 billion, Microsoft has excelled in developing and retailing computer software and hardwares, consumer electronics and video game consoles. What started in a garage in 1975 by founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen, now has more than a million employees in 116 stores and delivery services to almost every country on the planet. Amongst others, it’s biggest competitors include Apple, IBM, Google and Oracle.

Microsoft Support

With such wide array of products from Microsoft, a support service should always be available for its customers. Hence, Microsoft has a general helpline number for any issues pertaining to their line of products hardware or software. The helpline number will help you with queries like:

  • Issues installing your PC or laptop
  • Issues configuring Microsoft Windows or Office firmware and software.
  • Any hardware issues including issues with motherboard, keyboard, webcams, printers and more.
  • Any issues with Microsoft phones
  • Queries about setting up XBox.
  • Defaults or defects on nearly bought products from Microsoft.

Call the general query number and get hands on support including over the phone support and stepwise guidance to all your issues. If the issue is still not resolved, a technical support person from Microsoft will be appointed for your service. He will pay a visit to your location and provide a solution upon examining the issue in depth. Minor issues like installing Microsoft Office, configuring Microsoft outlook or transferring data from your old phone to new Microsoft phone can also be sorted through the phone.


The general rates for Microsoft helpline number are standard charges for local calls in the UK. The representatives are available throughout the week but at certain timings. Technical support is available between 9 AM to 10 PM from Monday to Friday, Saturday between 9 AM to 8 PM and Sunday- 9 AM to 5 PM. If you have availed free calling on your phone no extra charges will be applicable for calling Microsoft customer care.

Dial– 0800 032 6417 for Microsoft Office Support for Administrators

The helpline is specific to business accounts with Microsoft. In cases where an organization is registered with Microsoft office 365, the administrators of the account can directly reach out to Microsoft’s technical support. The representatives provide advice on setting up Office 365 or any issues with the performance of the software. The helpline number is dedicated to all Microsoft related issues in any organization. You’ll either receive a telephonic solution or a tech support guy will pay a visit at your organization and clarify the issue in person.


The Microsoft helpline number for office support operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You can get in touch with the representatives for no charges on 0800 (free phone number). This number can be reached from both landline and mobile phone. Although over the phone representatives are available round the clock, tech support guys are assigned days and the representatives will intimate you about the same.

Dial– 0800 587 1102 for Xbox Support

Facing issues with your newly installed XBox? Dial XBox helping number for United kingdom- 0800 587 1102 for instant support. Support services include:

  • Resolving issues with setting up your XBox
  • Queries about Xbox account setup and subscription to games.
  • Cost related to the various membership schemes and annual expenses.
  • Resolving issues regarding any updates.
  • Details about your existing Xbox account and how you can revive it if you happen to lose the password?
  • Helping you with steps to cancel any subscription.
  • Details on whom you can contact for fraudulent transactions from your account.

and various other doubts can be easily cleared by speaking to the Xbox customer care representative.


The helping number operates with 0800 hence, all the calls made are toll free. The working hours for XBox tech support is, 9AM to 10PM from Monday to Friday, Saturday between 9 AM to 8 PM and Sunday- 9AM to 5PM.

Dial 0800 026 0329 For Microsoft Store

You can also use their website to contact Microsoft for any product and delivery related issues. Use their Microsoft store number to get details on various agendas, these include

  • Information about latest products
  • tracking your order
  • cancellation of an order
  • Payment method and exchange of products
  • Changes in your Microsoft account that needs to be done. (ex- address change)
  • Invoices and registration numbers.


Since the number initiates with 0800 its services are primarily free of cost. Microsoft UK contact numbers


Here is a direct list of contacts for any services needed in the UK. Refer to the list and call the number that will help clear your issues directly. Example- call the Xbox number only for any Xbox related query and not otherwise.

DepartmentContact Number
Customer services & complaints
Store0800 026 0329
Xbox support0800 587 1102

Connect with Microsoft- Live Support

If you are finding difficulties connecting with the general number you can also visit their official UK website and put down your queries on their live support page. You can also chat online on their customer support website and get your queries sorted.

Contact Microsoft on Twitter

You can also take your queries to social media. Microsoft has an official twitter account. Hence, if none the methods for communication work, you can drop a tweet mentioning your issues. @Xbox, @microsofttech, @MS_ITpro and majorly @microsoftUK are some of many Twitter handles you can use to get in touch with them. Microsoft also has a Facebook page, you can follow that too for daily updates on new products launches and latest news.