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Got a query about your loan, credit card or mortgage? Contact the Natwest’s customer care representatives and get it sorted. Call the NatWest contact number for general queries. If you are applying for a mortgage use a calculator to see how much it may cost.

About NatWest

Moreover, the contact number can be highly useful when changing personal details including change of names, telephone numbers, address and more. Just dial the number, answer some of their basic verification questions and your changes will be updated in no time.

NatWest has been in the banking business for quite some time now and it thrives on customer satisfaction and providing quick solutions to their problems.

Here is a detailed list of contact numbers for your immediate reference. Call these numbers directly to reach a specific department. It is important to note that these contact numbers are not toll-free.

For NatWest Credit cards

If you have an issue pertaining your credit card you can call directly on 0370 333 9091 to get instant support. You’ll be helped with the following queries:

  • Application for a new credit card
  • Theft of your credit card.
  • Information about your due bills
  • Information about your interest rates.
  • Bill repayment issues.
  • Other Credit card related issues

The representatives will provide quick solutions to all your problems. Don’t call the customer care, rather make a direct call to the credit card department with this number.

All gold customers, classic customers and Private banking and Platinum customers will enjoy the benefits of this number all day 7 days a week.

NatWest Mortgage enquiries

Similar to that of credit card, for mortgage entries. The representative will guide you through all your doubts regarding your mortgage with NatWest. Some of their major problem solving includes: Applying for a new Mortgage.

  • Queries about your existing mortgage
  • Queries about their terms and conditions
  • Queries about their interest rates.
  • Repayment for existing mortgage.
  • Offers and deals on NatWest mortgage.
  • Various other mortgage related issues.

Give a direct call only for mortgage related queries, the representative will help you with the best possible results. General mortgage queries can be solved between 8 AM to 8 PM, Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday- 9 AM to 4 PM with the exception of public holidays. The same applies for queries on existing mortgage.

NatWest Loans

Use a loan affordability checker to make sure you can afford any loan you apply for. We all need loans for various reasons. To get the best deals on NatWest loans call their Loan department directly. Some of their major problem solving includes:

  • Queries about the latest offers on Loans
  • Queries about repayment of your existing loans
  • Interest rates of loans
  • Need an extension on your monthly plan repayment scheme? Call them up directly
  • Applying for a new loan on your existing loan
  • Wanting to pay off your loan amount early
  • Amount of loan the bank can help you with
  • And various such services

Call the loan department directly and get all your queries sorted. Personal loan queries can be solved between 8 AM to 8 PM, Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday- 9 AM to 3 PM with the exception of public holidays. The same applies for queries on existing loans.

NatWest Business banking

A toll-free number for all your business-related questions for NatWest, 08434 557 046 is what you dial. The number is valid for anyone who holds a current or a business account with NatWest. Their problem solving includes:

  • How to open a current account with NatWest.
  • Benefits of having a current account with NatWest.
  • If you can loan any amount from the bank with your existing current account.
  • Details about your financial representative from NatWest.
  • Wanting to change your financial representative from NatWest.
  • Various other options.

Call them up and know the details about your current account in no time. If you have a doubt regarding NatWest other services do not call this line and dial the specific department. The Banking customer care representatives are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

For Lost & stolen cards

Have you lost your NatWest banking card? Quickly dial
084 3455 7046 and intimidate the lost & stolen department. They will help you. This service is round the clock all year, so you don’t have to wait to report. Problem solving includes:

Blocking your card by helping them with details.

  • Information them about a fraudulent transaction that happened with your card.
  • Theft of your card.
  • Losing your card.
  • Process to issue your replacement card.
  • And various such issues.

You can use the details of these call to make a complaint at your nearest police station. With increasing comfort of card-less transactions, it is becoming easy to lose your credit or debit cards. Call the NatWest loss & theft department directly at any point of the day.

There are various department wise contact numbers that you can use to directly reach out to the department and clear out your queries. Below is a list of the same. Their working hours vary. Most of the credit card services are 24*7 while loan, mortgage and insurance customer care numbers are operation at various timings.

List of Department Contact Numbers

DepartmentContact Number
General enquiries & current accounts (England & Wales)0345 788 8444
General enquiries & current accounts (Scotland)0345 900 0200
Credit cards’ Classic0370 333 9091
Credit cards-Gold0370 333 1993
Credit cards-Platinum0370 909 3715
Private customers with finance managers0333 202 3330
Business banking0345 711 4477
Home insurance0800 051 5450
Mortgages0345 302 0190
Loans0800 200 400
Financial guidance helpline0800 161 5921
Lost or stolen cards0370 600 0459
Current accounts fraud0800 161 5149
Business accounts fraud0345 300 3986
Personal credit card fraud0800 161 5153
Business credit card fraud0345 300 4350

If you do not prefer a telephonic conversation or are wanting to send some documentations to NatWest, you can always use their postal address and write to them. They are very quick with letters as well and reply impromptu.

You can use the address to file a complaint, send documentation and/or send across your queries. Here is their detailed address.

Customer Relations Manager,
NatWest,Freepost,PO Box 594,
Chatham, ME4 9DP, United Kingdom.