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When you are seeking a job within the UK, the most reliable platform to search for job vacancies is Universal Jobmatch. The Department of Work and Pensions of the UK government developed the website of Universal Jobmatch in collaboration with Monster. The purpose of building this website was to provide the ease of job searching experience with the whole set of job opportunities. As a component of the “Digital By Default” agenda and Government campaign, the service of Universal Jobmatch was introduced. The purpose of this step was to move around more British citizens to an online process so that the government can evaluate the claims of unemployment and in-work benefits.

Advantages of Universal Jobmatch

Searching for a job that suits your talents and requirements can be very frustrating if you visit the local Job Centre or spend a lot of time finding a job within the UK.  This website can help people of the UK to find a role or experience as a part of UK benefits requirements. Over the last five years, there has occurred a great update of the system in order to make the system simple and easy to use without any intervention. With the help of the website, it’s easy to find a local vacancy on your own without the help of the Jobmatch support team. In order to make the job searching experience easier and to relieve the struggle for making money, Universal Jobmatch was developed by replacing the old Job Centre search system.

History of Development:

Primarily, under the UK’s New Deal Employment system, Employer Services Direct job Search Tool of JobCentre Plus was a part of the Directgov online system set up. During the development of the main GOV.UK website, Universal Jobmatch platform was built. In order to provide a user-friendly experience, the UK government designed its several wings, bodies, and services in a streamlined way. The job searching website Monster built this new job search website in 2012 for the job seekers to get a suitable job that matches the allowance of the job seeker. In the early years, registered users faced some problems as doubtful organizations targeted them. However, since mid-2013, the site operator Monster corporation made the website less effusive and a lot more user-friendly. Although you don’t necessarily need to register on Universal Jobmatch, you should make a registration in order to have several related benefits from this platform.

Universal Jobmatch Helpline:

Any job-seeker can seek advice from the Universal Jobmatch support team by calling the helpline number on 08434552359 for more information regarding the available positions and jobs in his/her area and find effective ways to prepare yourself for the jobs. While you are finding your way through an online catalog, search system, and account, Universal Jobmatch customer services only act as an extra support link to answer your quarries regarding job search. However, to understand the aspect in more detail regarding local vacancies and employment, the Universal Jobmatch support team is effective.

“Find a Job” Service:

The government of the UK has replaced the Universal Jobmatch service in May 2018 with the ‘Find a job’ service. However, this is a similar and free service to the old Universal Jobmatch service, offered by the government to search for numerous jobs within the UK. When you are receiving any benefit from the government such as Universal credit, it is essential to prove that you are searching for jobs. Therefore, to prove your job searching activity of at least 35 hours a week, you have to open a new account on the ‘Find a job’ website.

With the help of the job search website ‘Adzuna’, the government monitors the activities on the website. Even if you have an old Universal Jobmatch account, your account will not be switched over automatically. You need to open a new account to have easier services of job searching. Once you will save your preferences on this website, you can easily search for new jobs again and again.

How to Have a Registered Universal Jobmatch Account?

In order to have a registered Universal Jobmatch account, you have to open the Government Gateway account registration page. On the registration page, you need to enter your name and email address. Then you have to create a password for your account. After the submission of the details, a Government Gateway ID will be provided to you. Then you need to save your Government Gateway ID. After saving the ID, you have to return to your Universal Jobmatch profile and complete two-page instructions. This way, you can complete your Universal Jobmatchprofile.


How to Apply for Any Job through the Website?

By clicking the “apply” button in a job listing, you can simply apply for a job. Then you will have the option to submit your CV or cover letter through uploading directly or through an external website for uploading your CV or cover letter.

How can I preserve my cover letter or CV on the website?

On the website of Universal Jobmatch, you can easily store your cover letter or CV. A moderate update of the website for ‘quick applications’ by Monster will help you to use a CV for various job postings. In order to store your cover letter or CV on the website, you have to upload them in a suitable doc file format. Nevertheless, it is better to make slight changes in the cover letter or CV for each occasion in order to make your documents suitable for a certain job role.

Why Might I Call to Universal Jobmatch Helpline?

If you have job searching concerns in some cases, you can call Universal Jobmatch helpline number 08434552359. You can call the contact number for concerns regarding setting your online account, job posting, technical difficulty, quarries for applications, CV, and cover letter.

How can I make a complaint?

For now, there is no complaint telephone number to make complaints about Universal Jobmatch. However, for your quarries and concerns regarding the website, you can call the Universal Jobmatch helpline number. If you have serious issues, you can directly write a letter to the Department of Work and Pensions.

What should I do when having problems using the website?

If you are facing any type of problem using the website or setting your account, you can immediately call the helpline number on 08434552359 to seek advice or support. Universal Jobmatch’s customer service team is always there for you in your need. The members of the support team are friendly, and they can help you to solve your problem.