ESG investing: what is it, why is it good and who is it for?


ESG stands for “Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance” this makes it a great investment that is bound to grow since ESG is in line with the growth of mankind overall. 

It is important to always have an understanding of what exactly you are investing in, even with an advisor. Read up on reports, look at the numbers, and basically educate yourself more about the company or sector you are about to put your cash in. 

In this article, you’ll find the reason why adding the ESG sector to your portfolio is so important. Also, you can read more here on what trendy ESG stocks or companies are worth taking a look at. The ESG sector can be a tricky sector to invest in whilst in times of hyperinflation or recession. But it also has proven to be very beneficial coming out of times of recession with ESG holding. There is a lot of return to be made right after a crash or during one if you scout out the right opportunities. 

More info on the ESG sector

In this article you’ll only find a bit of info on this broad ever-expanding sector, but here is a comprehensive guide on investing in an ESG-focused business and more info on all things ESG! 

Why is it important to have the ESG sector in my portfolio? 

When you invest in a tech company there is a chance the customers will turn away from that or dislike the product produced or find it too much or overwhelming. We see things like this in products from Tesla. A distinct group vouching for the production and another group hating it or hating the products produced. 

ESG is different as ESG companies are needed in society to evolve further as a species, as mankind. If there were no ESG companies, construction on training would be done, no new inventions. Basically, ESG companies are needed in society for improving the quality of life, improving culture, and improving communities. 

So, why is it important to hold this sector? Well as mankind moves forward there is no option to diminish ESG companies in society. Also, they tend to receive a lot of government funding which keeps them thriving, leaving the chance of bankruptcy or a bad report very small. 

Also, government-supported projects or products most often get positive feedback from customers. Bad feedback is something private companies fear, and that’s something you won’t find in the ESG sector!