Everything You Need to Know about Serviced Offices – and Why They Work

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More and more business enterprises and entrepreneurs today have begun to work from home – and this arrangement, whilst forced upon many by the pandemic, has quickly changed the business landscape as we know it. But many entrepreneurs and business people are now considering the solution offered by a serviced office space. It is a convenient solution for everyone – not only will you have your own separate and private room, but it is also serviced, too – which means it’s got everything you need to start working. But why are more businesses and companies going for a serviced office nowadays? Here’s everything you need to know about serviced offices – and why they work.

What it is

First off, what is a serviced office? Unlike traditional or standard office spaces, you are bound to lease for a year (or more); a serviced office doesn’t come with such a lengthy contract. For instance, it is entirely possible to rent a serviced office monthly. Also, another aspect that separates it from traditional office space is that it is ready to use – which means the facilities for communication (Broadband, telephone lines, and in some cases, computers and printers and whole workstations) are already set up – and you can start working as soon as you move in.

Serviced offices are also in varying sizes, so it depends on what you need – if you are a sole proprietor, you can choose a single room. Still, if you run an enormous enterprise with several employees, you can rent a suite with several rooms. Moreover, serviced offices are usually housed in buildings with pantry areas, kitchens, conference and meeting rooms, and manned reception desks where you can rent rooms or staff to answer calls.

The benefits

A completely flexible solution

There are a lot of business start-ups, and they cannot afford to rent space for a year or more. Some companies want to expand to new markets, but they still want to test the waters. If you are one of these, a serviced office is a good solution. The thing about serviced offices is that, as mentioned, they don’t come with a standard lease of around one year or more. You can easily decide if you want to renew your contract, and all you need to do is inform your serviced office provider a month in advance, just like serviced office providers in Manchester, like www.cariocca.com/business-space.html. You are flexible, which is excellent if you are a business on the verge of expansion or need to downsize its operations.

A cost-effective alternative

Another plus offered by the serviced office arrangement is that it is more cost-effective than most. The reason is simple: you pay only for the space you require, nothing more, nothing less. That’s why it’s a popular alternative for start-ups – there is no wasted space. You also can rent office equipment, meeting rooms, and the like, which translates into further savings, so you don’t have to spend your finances.

There is no wasted time

You can work and operate as soon as you move in – there is no downtime and wasted time. They are equipped with the facilities you need. In other words, it’s like a plug-and-play arrangement but in an office setting.