Exchange Bitcoin (BTC) to PayPal euro

Exchange Bitcoin
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The PayPal payment service supports working not only with fiat funds but also with many cryptocurrencies, including the most popular of them – Bitcoin. The exchange rate of the latter shows positive trends that make it possible to earn income. Due to the demand for this coin, there are many options for purchasing it online. Among them is the exchange Bitcoin (BTC) to PayPal euro offered by exchangers on the page It is ranked among the most reliable and simplest. In general, this type of conversion can be implemented in several ways:

  • using the available PayPal functionality;
  • using special exchange offices operating online;
  • by participating in trading on cryptocurrency exchanges.

All of the above sources have their own characteristics. To choose the optimal option, you should take a closer look at the mechanism of action of each of them.

Procedure for purchasing Bitcoin through the PayPal system

Exchanging PayPal for Bitcoin (BTC) directly through the service is carried out in several stages. To implement them you need:

  • go to the main account page;
  • select the transaction currency (for example, Pay Pal EURO);
  • deposit the amount of funds required for the transaction;
  • click on the “Top up” button;
  • choose a convenient source for replenishing your electronic wallet from the many offered;
  • Once assets are credited to your wallet balance, click the “Exchange” button.

The automatic exchange function is only available for transactions with fiat money. The purchase of digital coins must be carried out in the “Currency Exchange” tab. By specifying the desired currency pair, the user gets access to current exchange orders from which he can select the appropriate one. If necessary, the client has the right to create his own application. The commission fee for providing this service is 0.5%. In a short time, the system will credit Bitcoin to the buyer’s account. They can be used for subsequent trading on the exchange or transferred to another wallet.

How to buy Bitcoin through an exchange office?

Exchanging Bitcoin to PayPal by using the services of online exchangers is one of the simplest and most straightforward ways. It takes minimal time. In this case, the user does not need to go through lengthy registration and authorization procedures. For those who have followed the link, there is an opportunity to familiarize themselves with a list of exchanger services and proven resources that work on the most favorable terms for clients. This information is provided by the special monitoring platform Bestchange.

On the official website of the service, you should select the appropriate exchange option. It depends on where the user plans to store the received coins: in the wallet of a payment system, exchange, or at another Bitcoin address.

A direct exchange can be carried out with a few mouse clicks by going to the website of the exchange office that arranged the terms of cooperation. Here it is necessary to take into account the proposed rate, commission, and the proper amount of reserve funds. Exchangers set the price of Bitcoin, detailed information, and cryptocurrency calculator about which is available on the page, based on their own considerations. Therefore, you should carefully study the information about the terms of transactions and choose the most profitable option.

Exchange Bitcoin through exchanges

It is possible to purchase Bitcoin on a cryptocurrency exchange, provided that PayPal is supported by it. Many leading trading platforms provide this opportunity.

To participate in trades, you need to top up your electronic wallet on the selected resource. Once funds are credited, trading can begin. In different services, this function is hidden behind buttons with the names “Exchange”, “Trading” or “Trade”. You can purchase coins according to a set limit or at market value.

It should be noted that the rate in exchangers is lower than that used on exchanges or within PayPal. Despite this, many people opt for online points. In most cases, this is facilitated by their speed and availability.