Gemini: Google’s Latest AI Addition to Messaging Platforms


The digital world has seen all sorts of trends in recent years. The crypto revolution has been — and still is — a major one, while a more recent trend is AI (artificial intelligence). On 6 December 2023, Google launched Gemini, its largest and most capable AI model yet. With this, Google aims to harness the power and capabilities of AI more than ever before. However, Gemini hasn’t been without its controversies. Let’s discuss everything you need to know!

What Is Gemini?

Gemini is Google’s answer to ChatGPT. It’s a tool to help improve your online writing, especially for messaging platforms. It does this by:

  • Generating text in response to writing prompts
  • Offering suggestions for text you’ve written
  • Making adjustments to existing text

The idea is that you should be able to write any sort of online content more efficiently and effectively with it. The plan is for Gemini to be integrated into a wide range of Google features, such as Google Docs, Gmail, Google Meet and Google Slides.

Who Is Gemini For?

Gemini isn’t meant to do all your online writing for you; it’s intended to help you whenever needed. If you’re struggling to format a blog post, for example, you can ask Gemini to come up with a structure and use it for inspiration. You could also ask Gemini for better words to use to make your writing more convincing. 

Gemini is for anyone who wants to write with as little hassle as possible. When you’re on any kind of Google messaging platform, you don’t have to spend ages thinking of what to write and then making adjustments along the way. With Gemini, you can cut down on the time it takes for you to write something. Plus, Gemini can help you polish off your text so it will read well and fulfil its purpose.

What About Gemini Advanced?

Gemini Advanced offers all the same features and functionalities as Gemini, though it comes with extra capabilities. With Gemini Advanced, you have access to Ultra 1.0, which is Google’s most highly developed AI tool. As well as helping with text, Ultra 1.0 can help with more complex tasks such as:

  • Logical reasoning
  • Coding
  • Collaborating on creative projects
  • Following specific instructions

To get Gemini Advanced, you’ll need a Google account and must sign up for the Google One AI Premium plan. This comes with a two-month free trial. 

What Are Some Issues with Gemini?

In late February, Google paused Gemini’s ability to create images from text prompts. The reason for this was that Gemini was producing historically inaccurate images; for example, it would show the Founding Fathers of the USA as a diverse group of men; in reality, they were all white. Another example is that it would show a woman when asked to create an image of a Pope; all Popes throughout history have been male. Some have also highlighted Gemini’s politically correct responses to specific questions. So, Google intends to tinker with Gemini so that, going forward, it doesn’t attract negative attention. 


Gemini is an AI tool integrated into many Google platforms and features. What it does is it helps you write better online. It can generate text, analyse what you’ve written and suggest edits. In short, you can rely on it to improve what you write, whether it’s on a messaging platform or a private document.

Image by starline on Freepik