Guide and Tips for Buying Your First E-Pipe


Vaping has revolutionized the world of smokeless tobacco. It is a perfect choice for those who want to enjoy tobacco minus the smoke. Early on, e-cigarettes were the go-to choice for smokers who wanted to quit cigarette smoking for good. Enter e-pipes. These devices combine the allure of classic tobacco pipes with modern vaping technology. If you are an oldie who wants to stay true to your craft of smoking pipes, getting an e-pipe will allow you to enjoy the fun of vaping.

Below are tips to help you find the perfect e-pipe to suit your taste and vibes.

Consider Functionality and Features

Functionality and features should come first before thinking about the design and colours. We recommend purchasing an e-pipe based on your experience as a vaper. If you are a newbie, go for a simple device that doesn’t require much maintenance. 

Your goal is to learn how to vape without worrying about things like getting a burnt taste from your pipe. As you progress, you can look for more advanced pipes with extra control features. Adjustable settings for temperature and airflow will help you enhance your vaping experience, allowing you to customize your puff to perfection.

Let’s Look at the Battery

E-pipes and e-cigs come with rechargeable batteries. Two things you must consider when looking at the battery are capacity and power delivery. Battery capacity, a figure denoted in mAh, is the amount of charge the battery can pack when fully charged.

Power determines how much energy the battery can output at a given time. Advanced e-pipes and mods use powerful batteries, allowing you to experience high-wattage vaping. So, aim to strike a balance between capacity and wattage when reviewing batteries. 

Embrace the Aesthetic Appeal

This will depend on your style and personal preferences. There are many designs on the market, from old-school wooden e-pipes with rustic finishes to modern designs, complete with graffiti or personal decoration.

With their elegant designs and classic shapes, e-pipes evoke a sense of sophistication and refinement that’s hard to resist. Take time and review different designs and finishes. E-pipes built from high-quality materials will offer longevity, providing value for money.

Know about E-Juices

You will need to refill your e-pipe with e-juice now and then. E-juices, aka vaping liquids, are available in various flavours. The juices contain other compounds such as nicotine, vegetable glycerine, natural flavours, and propylene glycol. 

You need to research things like nicotine strength and PG: VG ratios. Nicotine strength is about the amount of nicotine per millilitre in the e-juices. High-strength e-juices may have well over 15mg/ml of nicotine.

Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine ratios play a significant role in your vaping experience. Most e-juices have a 50:50 ratio and offer the perfect balance, regarding throat hit, cloud thickness, and flavours.

Summing Up

Vaping e-pipes are available at different prices, depending on the features and design. Do your research and ask for recommendations before deciding. Also, buy your e-pipes and e-juices from reputable vape shops. Whether you are a man of the culture or want to enjoy the thrill of vaping, a good e-pipe will provide a vaping experience like no other.

Image by katemangostar on Freepik