How anti-fatigue mats can help with aches, pains and joint problems


Unfortunately, there are many job types and workplaces that require us to stand up for long periods of time. From surgeons and nurses in a hospital to machine operators and production line employees, all these people face standing up for many hours on a daily basis.

And no matter how rewarding a job may be, standing up for long stretches of time every day will inevitably lead to some physical issues. Aches, pains, and joint problems are just a few, but keep reading to find out how you can combat these problems and more with the installation of anti-fatigue mats.

What are anti-fatigue mats and how do they work?

Buying anti-fatigue mats can improve a person’s posture and help to minimize issues with swollen feet and ankles after a long day.

They have a soft rubber surface that encourages small muscle movements to improve posture and keep muscles and joints mobile. The muscle movements keep blood flowing around the body so the heart has less work to do, and back, leg, and foot discomfort is reduced. There are two types of anti-fatigue mats:

Light-duty anti-fatigue matting is ideal for less physically stressful environments such as retail and packing workplaces where people are on their feet but still move around from one place to another without standing in the same position all day long.

Heavy-duty anti-fatigue mats are suited for workplaces such as factories, production lines and hospitals where people can be required to stand in the same position for very long periods.

Anti-fatigue mats are used in many places both in the office and at home. They provide superior support and comfort for the user while they stand or walk. If you are experiencing problems with your feet, knees, hips, or even shoulders, anti-fatigue mats are a great solution. They can also help to reduce muscle strain and stress. You may have been experiencing aches and pains from standing all day at work, but don’t worry.

As well as the vital job of improving blood circulation, anti-fatigue mats improve employee wellbeing by:

1. Reducing fatigue

When you become fatigued, daily tasks can become difficult as you feel more lethargic and have less energy to complete jobs efficiently. And the harder the floor surface and longer the job, the more stress the body sustains from standing.

Anti-fatigue mats provide a soft and comfortable surface to stand on while working, and they compress to prevent feet from absorbing all the resistance of the hard floor surface. This lets you work more comfortably and allows you to focus on completing jobs effectively.

2. Reducing the risk of slips and falls

Anti-fatigue matting is safer in the event of a spill. The mats are resistant to oil, grease and chemicals so you can worry less about slipping and falling.

Anti-fatigue mats also earn their keep by:

1. Protecting dropped items

Anti-fatigue mats can cushion fragile products against breaking if they are dropped from production lines or during handling.

2. Increasing productivity

Workers who aren’t experiencing joint and muscle pain are happier, healthier and more productive.