How long do idiots live? A trendy Tiktok Joke [2022]

how long do idiots live

How long do idiots live’ was one of the million trends that kept the audience entertained on TikTok. It appeared in 2021 but was not that popular. However, a new version of this trend came in 2022, which was more popular and fun for the people. 

What does idiot mean?

A person not well aware of their surroundings or the people is mainly called an idiot. An idiot does not make any sense to people. An idiot is a foolish person. Someone who does stupid things often. Idiot is also a derogatory term for people with low intelligence compared to their peers. Such people have problems adjusting to the people around them.

However, the TikTok trend popular in 2021, and it turned out to be a meme meant to give the audience a good laugh.

TikTok trend – How long do idiots live

How long do idiots live’ was one of the TikTok trends in 2021. When you searched ‘How long do idiots live?’ on google, it showed that idiots live for 12 to 15 years. A joke indeed. People used it to make funny TikTok videos targeting their friends and family who were between 12 to 15 years of age. 

These TikTok videos mostly had Cardi B’s voice as background. Taken from a video where Cardi B said – “Ladies and gentlemen, it was lovely to have you this year. See you next year, or never.” Followed by Cardi’s ironic laughter. 

The trend’s new version that came in 2022, gained more popularity. In the new trend – ‘I will never forget you’ people made a TikTok with someone between the age of 12 to 15 who they wanted to show as an idiot. The videos had the song ‘Never forget you’ by Zara Larsson and MNEK as the background song.

People made these TikTok videos by sending the phrase “I will never forget you” to the person they considered an idiot. The ‘Never forget you’ song made it even funnier. It implied that the person in the video soon perish since idiots live only till their early teenage.


This trend went viral and was trending for a long time. It was not only trending on TikTok but also on other platforms as well. People were rolling on the floor laughing, seeing the TikTok videos on this trend. It was very entertaining.

Though it was a meme, some people found it more offensive than funny. This trend was purely meant as a joke, but some people used it to insult others. 

‘Idiot’ can be an offensive term, especially in scientific terms. The term ‘idiot’ describes people with profound intellectual disabilities in the 1900s. It means for people with a mental age below 3 years. This is why using this term commonly is offensive to people with mental disabilities.

However, the purpose of this trend, like the others becomes solely to entertain the audience. Therefore, this trend should receive seriously. 

‘Idiots live for 12 to 15 years was a joke because it meant that everyone beyond the age of 15 was completely normal. Therefore, the idiot population of the world gets wiped off before completing their teen years. This meant that the adult population of the world is nice and sane.

Other related trends

How long do idiots live’ trend was so popular that people made other TikTok videos related to it. Some of the trends were – ‘How long do emos live’, ‘How long does a tall person live’, etc.