How many doors are there in the world? Let’s Have A Look!

Many Types of door

If you are wondering – how many doors are there in the world? You have come to the right place. This question seems bizarre, but the huge number of doors in the world makes this question seem legit.

Why are doors important?

Doors are an essential part of any building. It has several perks:

  • Doors allow entry and exit of people. You can lock your door to prevent the entry of people you don’t want in your building, home, or even your room. 
  • Doors provide privacy and safety. You can do whatever you want in your room, and no one will see you. It protects people from criminals. Doors maintain the privacy of people. Imagine going to the washroom without a door. Sounds terrible, doesn’t it?
  • Doors divide a building into different rooms. The division is important to know what part of the building uses for what purpose.
  • Doors also protect people from harsh weather conditions.

How many doors are there in the world?

Such a multipurpose thing like a door often makes us wonder how many doors are there in the world. This question mainly arose when a New Zealand resident Ryan Nixon with 2k followers on Social Media asked a question. The question was – “What do you think the world contains more doors or wheels?”. 

Numerous people responded to this question according to their estimation. The majority of them said that there are more wheels than doors. However, our prime focus in this article is on the number of doors.

A mathematician researched it and concluded. He estimated that there are 7 billion people around the world at present. There must be approximately 42 billion doors in the world. 

Calculation of the exact number of doors is near impossible. A major reason is their massive scale ex. doors in different buildings, rooms, washrooms, etc. All the buildings have a varying number of doors. Also, the number of doors increases daily.

Every year almost 45 million doors construct. Getting the exact numbers will require a lot of hard work. Putting so much effort to know the total number of doors seems irrelevant. Therefore, no one made an effort to count the exact number of doors.

People all over social media were taking 2-4 doors per person to make the estimation. However, a lot of people are homeless, and some people own multiple buildings. There, a correct number is not easy to find.

History of Doors

Doors are the barriers used to separate rooms, or streets and buildings. It can open and close. It can also lock to allow selective entry and protection. Doors construct out of wood, glass, or metal. It can slide or have a hinged door.

Earlier, doors were made from clothes, leaves, or animal hides. Doors for the protection of important things had bronze or stone as the core material. Wooden doors were prevalent in Mesopotamia and Egypt.

In the room, doors were mainly made of bronze. The doors had beautiful architecture on them. These doors could be single, double, folding, or sliding doors. This style of making doors is employed in various Islamic countries as well.

The modern way of making wooden doors is similar to the ancient ways. The doors hinge to the walls with iron hinges.

Doors have been important for humans since antiquity. That’s why there are billions of them.