How much is 80000 pennies? Diving Deeper into this Specific Amount

How much are 80000 pennies

How much is 80000 pennies? It seems like an easy question. However, it can be tricky if you don’t know pennies. Recently, 80000 pennies have been in the news, and there is a reason for that. That is why people are searching for its value.

What are pennies and How much is 80000 pennies?

To understand How much is 80000 pennies? First, learn pennies. A penny or a cent is one-hundredth part of a US dollar. It is the smallest unit of US currency. There used to be half-cents, as well, which was half a cent or two-hundredth part of a dollar. Half-cent found abolished in 1857. The pennies are coins made out of copper-plated zinc.

The penny has a picture of Abraham Lincoln on one side with the quote – ‘In God We Trust. The other side of the penny has a picture of the White House with the word – ‘United States of America’ written on it.

A British penny or a pence is one-hundredth part of one pound sterling that is the currency of the UK. It has a picture of Queen Elizabeth II on it since the UK pound was decimalized. 

An 18-year-old who donated 80000 pennies 

An 18-year-old girl from Virginia donated 80000 pennies to a domestic abuse shelter. Avery Sanford lives with her mother in Virginia. Around the beginning of June, her father dumped 80000 pennies in the street in front of his daughter’s home. He told the mother that it was the last child support payment.

This incident is seen as an act to insult the mother and daughter. However, Avery and her mother turned this humiliating incident into an act of kindness. The daughter and mother picked up every penny from the street and donated it to Safe Harbor, a domestic abuse shelter.

Avery said – “Turning around and donating that money to moms and children in need — I feel like that just really turns the situation into a positive one”. 

Their positive attitude and kindness inspired others to donate as well. Donations came pouring from around the world to the Safe Harbor domestic abuse shelter after this incident. 

The development director of Safe Harbor said – “Our online donation page just blew up. And we have gotten over $47,000 worth of donations from locally, nationally, internationally – as far as England and beyond.” 

Avery had not talked to her father in years, and his actions proved why. No matter your relations with your spouse, one should not indulge their children in this. The actions of one’s parents stay in their mind forever. Avery chose to be kind instead of revengeful.

What was the response of the father?

This whole incident needed an explanation from Avery’s father’s side as well. When WTVR-TV interviewed Avery’s father, he said – “the last thing he wanted to do was to put a further wedge between him and his daughter.” Dumping pennies in street in front of his daughter’s house was an act of frustration. He lashed out and did it.

Avery’s father considered paying for the child support of his daughter a burden. He got frustrated with all the money he had to pay for his daughter. 

Avery’s mother Raven Sickle shocked by the actions of her husband. She did not expect him to do such a thing just to embarrass her and her daughter out of anger. She was upset about it. However, her daughter’s actions and the response it got from people made her proud and mirthful.

To the world, 8000 pennies may be worth $800. But Avery’s actions made these 80000 pennies more precious than their actual worth.