How to Hire a Drupal Development Expert? 

Drupal Development Expert
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Drupal is a well-established, secure, and cost-effective technology for developing platforms for any purpose, including heavy-traffic websites. Among companies using Drupal for their platforms are globally renowned businesses like Tesla, Nokia, McDonald’s, General Motors, P&G, and many others. Besides, Drupal has an extensive global community that exceeds one million members. Whether you’re looking to build a one-page platform or create a full-scale website capable of handling hundreds of thousands of users simultaneously, Drupal will fit your needs.

With a growing demand for Drupal solutions, hiring highly qualified engineers became a hot topic. For this reason, Acquia Learning Services launched a Drupal certification program in 2014, which is still the most relevant indicator of Drupal development expertise.

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Why choose Drupal?

If you’re currently in search of a perfect solution for your business platform, review some of the reasons to use Drupal as a base for your web project:

  1. If you want to add content pieces similar in structure, like blog posts, to your website, Drupal is a perfect solution
  2. Drupal can handle high traffic load while also being a secure solution
  3. Drupal is an open-source platform, which means you’ll have free access to a large number of apps and benefit from the opportunity to exchange insights with a friendly Drupal community of enthusiasts
  4. With its advanced content management functionality, Drupal enables you to cut development and management costs.

You can choose Drupal for a solution of any complexity; however, it would be most feasible for projects from average to high complexity. The thing is, developing a Drupal solution might take a while, but when it comes to customizations, Drupal has a rich offering both for editors and customers. Thus, if you’re looking for a platform that would be fully adaptive to your needs and requirements, Drupal is a perfect solution for your business.

How to hire Drupal developers?

After you’ve chosen Drupal for your business, it’s time to find Drupal developers for your project. Skills and knowledge are the most important things to remember while looking for candidates. Certification is the best way to confirm the candidate’s Drupal expertise, as certified developers possess all the necessary knowledge to build and release a stable and cost-efficient project.

Acquia offers four Drupal certificates: site builder, developer, front-end, and back-end expert. Based on your project needs and requirements, you can hire either a developer with one certificate or several. Remember that if you hire a developer with two and more certifications, you can fulfill more complex and comprehensive project tasks with one expert.  

To assess the candidates’ skills appropriately, involve technical specialists in hiring. Ensure they know how Drupal functions and have experience using it. 

Check out the must-have set of skills for a successful Drupal candidate:

  • Good command of PHP and OOP principles
  • Previous experience working with Drupal 8/9 (2+ years)
  • Deep understanding of databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, etc.)
  • Knowledge of such PaaS systems as, Acquia Cloud, Pantheon
  • Acquaintance with JS
  • Experience with such platforms for development as Docker, Vagrant, etc.
  • CSS proficiency is a plus (for front-end or full-stack specialization, this skill should be advanced)
  • Knowledge of version control systems (preferably Git)
  • Experience working with Git repository management solutions (GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, etc.)

You can find multiple recommendations on how to hire a Drupal developer for your project. However, if you don’t have experience in recruitment or your market lacks Drupal experts, considering alternative options, like collaboration with a tech partner, might be a feasible option. 

Where to hire Drupal developers?    

Collaborating with a reliable tech partner is a viable choice for your Drupal development project. Before collaborating with a tech partner, you must compile your project value, vision, and requirements. After you’ve done it, you can compile project requirements within your in-house team or ask for assistance from your tech vendor.

Project requirements define the development deadlines, technology stack, and tech requirements. Outlining the project requirements will help your vendor find a perfect match for your project. You can also hire freelance Drupal developers if your project is short-term and doesn’t require a dedicated expert onboard.

However, if you decide to hire Drupal developers on your own, keep in mind that more complex requirements and tasks will complicate the recruitment process. Thus, using conventional job portals might not be enough.

Below, you can find resources that will come in handy while looking for Drupal developers: 

Drupal community

The Drupal community is a large group of proactive enthusiasts who continuously exchange improvements to Drupal software and documentation. The core goal of the Drupal community is to connect Drupal developers in one platform where they can freely share their experiences and insights with like-minded people. Besides, the Drupal community is the place where developers can ask for help from other developers or download the resources they need.

There are several ways you can find Drupal community members. Visit the website, check links to the community’s social media pages, and learn about the upcoming DrupalCon events, where you can meet Drupal enthusiasts in person.


Clutch doesn’t provide a list of Drupal developers you can hire. However, this platform enlists companies with top-rated Drupal accomplishments. You can find companies that offer team extension services and hire their Drupal developers for your project full-time.

Wrapping up

After considering Drupal development proficiency criteria, outlining the importance of Drupal Acquia certification, and reviewing potential hiring options, it becomes clear that hiring Drupal developers is a challenging task. However, collaborating with an experienced tech vendor simplifies searching for and recruiting perfectly matching candidates. This way, you’ll cut the search time and ensure you hire highly qualified Drupal developers for your project.