How to Make My Essay Longer? We Know the Answer!

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The word count is a point in an essay that immediately draws students’ attention. Individuals start analyzing the topic to understand what to add to the essay without ruining the concept. The idea is not to add as many typical sentences or synonyms. The main task is to make an essay longer and keep the readability level the same, not just add anything to reach the required word count. Teachers don’t need an essay with tons of water and parts that have no sense. They saw multiple examples over the years, and they definitely won’t line another bad writing.

On the other hand, you can make the paper longer by implementing valuable information in different parts of the essay. How to do it? What to add to the introduction? How to check the writing to ensure everything is OK? All these questions require answers, and it’s time to get them.

Ways to Make a Paper Longer

The length of essay writing will still be a problem even when you deal with other issues. The teacher could not accept your piece or give a lower grade, which is different from what you expected. What is the ultimate decision of the problem? Right, add more words!

Well, it only sounds like an elemental job for five minutes. So, yes, it’s not a titanic work, but the author should know how to make an essay writing bigger. Below is the list of essential tips if you don’t want to struggle to find more words to add.

Add Supporting Evidence

If you have two or three supports in writing, it’s not a reason to stop. Instead, search to add one or two more supporting parts to make an essay longer. Remember that all pieces of supporting evidence should come down to one idea – the idea of your essay. You can also add comments to explain why specific evidence is needed for your writing.

Ensure that You’ve Included Everything

By everything, we mean everything from the core elements to making an essay longer. For example, are all the subtopics included in the body paragraphs? If you choose a comprehensive topic for your essay, it will have smaller topics inside. Don’t forget to use transitional words when finishing one subtopic and moving to another.

For example, if you write an essay about your favorite writer. What subtopics can you use? We have multiple options presented below.

  • Biography. A summary of all life periods. If the writer is alive, it should also be mentioned. Why not increase the word count this way?
  • Career goals and achievements. How many books or series does the writer finish? If some of the writings belong to your favorites, mention this.
  • Interesting facts. Did you know that Stephen King had one of his novels handwritten while recovering from a car accident? Did other writers have such experience? Consider finding something unusual about your character.

Not bad. However, it may still not be enough, and there’s no need to add watery text to increase the word number. Instead, make an essay bigger by adding two more subtopics. For instance, it could be a part of the first written book. Describe the period in detail to make this part more interesting.

Another one to add to get you a more prolonged assignment is to tell about bad habits. Again, this subtitle is optional, but if your writer enjoyed smoking, drinking, or doing drugs, do not miss this information to make an essay of a bigger size.

Use Transitional Phrases

They are used mostly for readers than for writers. Transitional phrases increase readability and “move” readers from one paragraph to another. A benefit for you is that these parts help you to reach the minimum word count. Phrases like “on the contrary” or “In this case” have never looked so good. However, you can go further and search for some unusual transitional words.

Take Another Look at Your Outline

Very often, people hurry to complete another essay writing on time and forget about important details. They revise everything multiple times and can’t understand what’s wrong. The word they sought may be forgotten and remain unmatched in the outline.

Look at the writing again to ensure you put all parts in the places you wanted. Otherwise, you find the gap and add the missing piece there. It could be one of those relevant quotations you found recently or a couple of phrases that support your opinion and make the essay longer as well.

Review Your Introduction and Conclusion

These parts are the shortest in the essay; you should check them carefully.

An introduction is brief because it gives a hook and makes the reader stay and continue reading the essay. However, it also has a thesis statement and a transition phrase. Something from there may be missing; you should read the introduction again. How nice it is to find missing sentences and increase the word count at the last moment.

A conclusion summarizes everything mentioned in the writing and answers the essay’s central question. Maybe you can add another quotation to support the conclusion? If not, try to rephrase the existing sentences or add new ones to clarify some points and make the essay longer. Another good option is to use transitional words to move to another part of the text.

This may sound too difficult, especially when considering things like font size to reach the limit. However, there’s an alternative way to get the task done with all factors considered. Even the page length won’t be missed. All you need to do is to search for writing services and hire a professional. The one with hundreds of top essay writing review samples, this person will complete the task according to the plan, matching the required length.

Read Your Essay Aloud

Some students may hate this method of making an essay longer, but the practice shows it’s pretty effective. When you read, you understand what’s already in the text. If a specific part sounds unnatural, check it, delete mistakes, replace some phrases, or add new ones. Ideas develop during the working process, so you may not worry about the paper’s word count in the essay after several checks.

Spell Out Numbers or Contractions

Abbreviations, numbers, and contractions should be replaced with words or entire phrases. When it’s about making paper longer, every method is game-changing. Moreover, this is your lifeline if you run out of ideas to find unique information about the topic. If the main subject is a writer, consider citing other writers who know them personally or said something about them.

Breakup Paragraphs

This method differs from the one where we talked about essay subtopics. Smaller paragraphs are easier to follow as people quickly switch from one part to another. You can use it as an advantage to make the essay longer visually to have a needed number of pages. This move is very effective if you have a small font size.

Try Some Essay Services

If nothing mentioned above doesn’t work for you, it’s time to use the alternative method. Yes, we talk about writing services. Specialists there know everything about creating a longer essay and reaching the word count. In addition, a majority of specialists are degree holders, as they understand the process in detail and are always ready to help. Say a word, and you will receive a paper with the required paper word count.


Writing a longer essay is challenging if you need to figure out what to change or replace to reach a minimum page count. However, once you have advice, changing paragraphs, adding words and sentences, or rewriting particular parts is easier. Even one idea about this may be successful.